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Step into the Future with CareOne’s Rehabilitation Robotics

CareOne is continually working to provide positive outcomes and improve the quality of life for our patients. We are proactive in discovering new ways to achieve those goals. We are committed to adopting new technologies that are proven to maximize recovery potential and we are dedicated to offering the most progressive care in the industry.

We are excited to introduce REX, the latest rehabilitation technology that enhances mobility for a wide range of people with impairments. REX is a hands-free robotic device used to assist with rehabilitation, exercising and walking. Safe and effective, REX lifts patient from sitting to a supported standing position, allowing additional rehabilitation options that help patients achieve their goals.

Learning to use REX is quick and easy. It’s fully adjustable to accommodate users of different heights and provide maximum comfort. Its stability and ease of use can greatly improve users’ quality of life and provide significant health benefits.

REX Stands Alone

Hands free for functional exercise and activities of daily living

Quick to Get Going

New users walk with autonomous control in a few minutes


Fully automated forwards, backwards, sideways and turning movements


Squats, lunges, sit-to-stand, leg swings and stretches. REXERCISE mode enables structured, reproducible functional exercise programs directed by therapists

Widely Accessible

People with severe disabilities are able to successfully use REX


Shares the physical demands of delivering therapy and reduces the strain on therapists

REX leaves the arms free, allowing CareOne therapists to incorporate upper body exercises and activities of daily living into patients’ individualized therapy programs.

For more information, please call CareOne at Ridgewood Ave: (201) 652-1950

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