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From Student to Star: How CareOne’s CNA Training in NJ Stands out From the Rest

It’s no secret that becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) requires time and hard work. The average program duration being 120 hours or six weeks. Oftentimes, CNA training courses can feel intense, overly rigid and impersonal, which can lead to students feeling burnout or even withdrawing altogether. Founded and led by Belen de Leon, CareOne’s CNA training in NJ is not only designed to prevent these issues from happening, but to keep students engaged and improve exam outcomes. Our approach has a proven track record, with 100% of CareOne alumni passing the New Jersey CNA certification exams to date.

Since 2001, CareOne has been an approved Nurse Aide in Long Term Care Facilities Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) in the State of New Jersey. In the past five years alone, we have helped more than 186 applicants advance from student graduate to certified CNAs. CareOne’s classrooms foster a caring learning environment that guide and supports students through coursework and exams. With personalized attention dedicated to each student, we understand each their unique learning habits and needs.

Here’s a closer look at CareOne’s CNA training program:


Once accepted into the CareOne CNA program, coursework can be completed in 120 hours. The program consists of 90 unpaid class time hours. 50 of the 90 hours are allotted for classroom study while the other 40 hours are allotted for clinical work. With a 1:10 teacher-student ratio, all CareOne students receive personalized instruction from Belen, a highly knowledgeable and considerate teacher. One example of Belen’s exceptional leadership is her work with students who speak English as a second language (ESL).

A Native Spanish speaker, Belen appreciates the unique challenges of her ESL students and helps them retain information through visuals and other modalities. Her teaching has not only helped CareOne maintain its 100% passing rate, but it has earned her a reputation among her students as a maternal figure whom they can call for help 24/7 — whether they need help with a specific course or want sound advice on the nursing profession.


After completing their classroom and clinical work, students need to pass two government-operated exams to become a registered CNA. First, they must pass a state-certified skills test. Results are typically available 3-5 days after taking the skills test. Upon passing the skills test, students then need to take a written test. This written test typically comprises 70 questions, 10 of which focus on history and government and 60 of which require critical thinking. After passing both the skills and written exams, students receive their CNA certificate.

Continuing Education

Since 2018, more than 186 students have graduated from the CareOne CNA program in New Jersey. Of those 186 alumni, 100% have passed their CNA certifications. After becoming certified, many CNAs choose to join the CareOne team. Others might choose to pursue additional credentials, such as RN, LPN or Physician’s Assistant. To support continued education among our CNAs, CareOne is proud to offer tuition support and partial reimbursement (upon application acceptance and proof of passing).

The CareOne CNA Training Program Philosophy

At CareOne, our CNA education philosophy has three pillars which we believe drive our program’s continued success:
  • Attitude: You can be the best nurse, but without your attitude, you’re not going anywhere. Beyond mandatory coursework, Belen teaches her students the importance of humility and perseverance — and how these attributes will shape them into better CNAs.
  • Attendance: Students must complete 90 hours of courses or they won’t be able to graduate. Belen strives to achieve perfect attendance rates in her classes by welcoming students with warmth and empathy. She inspires her pupils to show up and learn.
  • Aptitude: CareOne believes that students with the right attitude and consistent attendance will cultivate more aptitude throughout their education, training and beyond. With CareOne’s CNA training program attracting students from a multitude of backgrounds, Belen teaches that no matter where you’re from, you are capable.

Aleeyah, a recent CareOne CNA program graduate, knew she wanted to work in healthcare, but wasn’t always sure where. She describes CareOne’s CNA program as “an eye-opening opportunity” for which she thanks Belen. “You won’t get this kind of teaching anywhere else,” she said. Aleeyah is happy to have pursued her CNA certificate and is ambitiously looking ahead to become a PA or an NP. “The possibilities are endless.”

CareOne’s CNA training in NJ extends beyond teaching coursework; it instills values that serve as the foundation of caregivers. At CareOne, CNAs view their work as more than a paycheck. To them, it’s a vocation. Our CNAs are committed to delivering hospital-level care in a place that feels like home.