Food for Thought

Dementia Caregiver Education Series

Welcome to Food for Thought, Harmony Village’s monthly series of caregiver education sessions. The educational program aims to provide guidance and resources across the caregiver and resident journey.  

In the challenging journey of caring for loved ones with memory conditions, access to educational resources and a supportive community is critical. Food for Thought offers caregivers and families a lifeline, providing invaluable knowledge, practical strategies, and an understanding community to navigate the complexities of memory care.  

We understand the importance of providing ongoing support and education for caregivers. In addition to our Food for Thought series, we also offer one-on-one consultations and guidance for caregivers. Our team of dementia care specialists is here to provide support through one-on-one consultations and caregiver support groups. Your well-being and the well-being of your loved one are our top priorities, and we’re committed to guiding you every step of the way. 

Up Next - June 2024

Maximize Engagement

It is critical to tailor activities for people with dementia based on their individual interests and abilities. In this session, learn how to create personalized experiences that promote cognitive stimulation, socialization, and emotional well-being — and ultimately enrich the lives and relationships of both residents and caregivers. 

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Female and male residents engage in a game of chess outdoors
July 2024

GEMS Model

Explore Teepa Snow’s GEMS® Brain Change Model, a positive approach to dementia care that emphasizes celebrating residents’ abilities and strengths. Through interactive discussions, caregivers can gain valuable insights into recognizing and embracing the unique qualities of each individual and their cognitive capabilities 

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Caregiver and dementia patient sitting next to each other
August 2024

Stress Reduction

Caregiving can be emotionally and physically demanding, leading to increased stress for both caregivers and residents. In this session, our experts will share actionable tips and techniques for reducing stress and promoting well-being in the memory care setting. From self-care strategies for caregivers to calming interventions for residents, learn how to create a more peaceful and nurturing environment. 

Post-its displayed on brain marking stressors for caregivers
September 2024

Hospice Transition

Navigating the transition to hospice care can be a difficult and emotional process for caregivers and residents alike. This session will offer practical advice and support to help facilitate a smooth and dignified transition for memory care residents nearing end-of-life. Gain insights into communication strategies, symptom management and end-of-life care planning so you can provide compassionate and holistic support during a sensitive time. 

Caregiver holding the hands of a patient
October 2024

The Power of Food and Dining

Over time, as those with dementia progress through their illness, it becomes more difficult to ensure they are getting enough nutrition. Learn how removing distraction and other tactics can turn dining into a better experience for memory care residents. Our experts will share insights into feeding strategies and dining programs focused on maximizing focus and nutritional intake. Discover practical tips for promoting independence, dignity, and enjoyment during mealtime. 

Caregiver serving food to a senior woman
November 2024

Preparing for the Holidays

While the holiday season is synonymous with joy, it can also present unique challenges for caregivers and residents in memory care. Join us for a discussion on navigating the ups and downs of the holiday season with sensitivity and resilience. Learn practical tips and strategies for managing expectations, fostering meaningful connections, and creating positive experiences for residents and their families during this special and busy time of year. 

Senior woman in the snow