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Innovation at CareOne

At CareOne, we forge innovative partnerships to address industry challenges and optimize outcomes.

We continually strive to better serve our patients and residents across our 60+ locations, which is why we invest in the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies — from analytics to artificial intelligence (AI) and more.  We cultivate partnerships that facilitate solutions to pressing needs and issues in healthcare.

We pursue innovations that help people live longer — and better. Bringing together the best minds in healthcare and healthy aging, we continually explore opportunities to co-pilot new solutions with hospitals and health plans.

See how we’re improving senior care through our innovative and impactful partnerships.


Advanced Pharmacy Solutions

CareOne has deployed Advanced Pharmacy Solutions (APS), an automated medication dispensing system, across multiple facilities to ensure accurate and efficient delivery of prescription medicines to patients.

This state-of-the-art technology, under the control of a pharmacist, automatically dispenses medications for each resident in presorted medication envelopes — meaning nurses no longer need to count and sort pills, which allows them to spend more time at the bedside.

APS has demonstrated a 99.9999% medication administration accuracy rate, virtually eliminating human error in dispensing.

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CareOne is proud to partner with BridgeCare, providing a network of nurse practitioners to support and supplement the CareOne clinicians and attending physicians.

BridgeCare is designed to help address patient needs in-house by embedding a nurse practitioner in each CareOne facility, providing on-site, real-time care, and improving the overall patient experience.

As a result of this partnership, patients feel confident that they are receiving the highest level of clinical care, and physicians can ensure that they are providing continuity of care by closely collaborating with nurse practitioners every step of the way.


Columbia University

Community Partnerships

CareOne is an active participant in the communities it serves and regularly engages in community partnerships. In 2022, CareOne initiated its partnership with Columbia University — more specifically the Startup Columbia Festival/the Columbia Venture Competition. Through this competition, CareOne is helping to finance some of the smartest and most innovative healthcare concepts from up-and-coming industry experts and translate them into real-world positive results.

The CareOne Challenge exists to mobilize creators and innovators in healthcare delivery, patient empowerment, medical devices, EMR management, healthcare for an aging America, medical services, and more.

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Strategic Hospital Partnerships

CareOne pursues strategic hospital partnerships to meet community healthcare needs, improving access and quality of care.

For example, amid a long-term care and sub-acute bed shortage in Massachusetts, CareOne partnered with three state hospital systems to provide dedicated sub-acute units at CareOne facilities for patients needing to move to a lower level of care. This arrangement addressed clinician staffing issues, increased collaboration between healthcare professionals to reduce readmissions, and improved access for new acute care patients in hospitals.

Through this partnership, CareOne has been able to treat higher acuity patients, who would otherwise require hospital-level care, in a lower-cost setting, reducing burden on the system and helping patients recover and return to their full potential as quickly and safely as possible.

Oler Health

Previously, nurses at CareOne needed to manually source information on patients’ clinical status, data, and diagnoses. Now, thanks to CareOne’s partnership with Oler Health, the tedious process of manually sifting through paperwork is streamlined. This program takes lengthy patient admission packets and simplifies them to ensure information is more easily accessible to nurses and clinicians so they can spend more time at the bedside and develop even more personalized and comprehensive care plans for residents and patients.

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Inspiren Health

CareOne is proud to partner with Inspiren, a device company that uses AI to monitor patients in their rooms and identify potential risks, such as falls. The technology is equipped with security features to ensure patient privacy and has been piloted in hospitals. Soon, it will be introduced to CareOne facilities.

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