Advanced Pharmacy Solutions

CareOne's APS Technology

Improving Medication Accuracy and Efficiency for All

CareOne is excited to accelerate the rollout of Advanced Pharmacy Solutions’ remote automated dispensing system, the APS Ecosystem, in its facilities across the Northeast.  This state-of-the-art technology, under the control of each facility’s pharmacist, automatically dispenses medications for each resident in presorted medication envelopes – meaning nurses no longer must count and sort pills.  This revolution in medication dispensing benefits residents and nursing staff by improving accuracy, increasing medication availability, and allowing nurses to spend more time with residents.

Advanced Pharmacy Solutions

How Does the APS Technology Work?

The APS machines contain 250 unique drugs, which make up about 95% of all medications that are needed for residents.  It also integrates other storage capabilities, such as refrigeration and bulk storage, significantly improving medication availability. The system allows for customized medications stocked for each facility, and all but the most rare and specialized treatments are available. With APS in use, any medication that may not be stored on site will be prescribed and distributed as usual.

What are the benefits of APS technology?

APS is the only patented remote automated dispensing system to be approved by state boards of pharmacy on a large scale. CareOne is expediting APS adoption because it dramatically cuts down on the time nurses spend in med-pass, meaning those hours are transferred from a tedious task to something nurses do best: caring for and connecting with residents directly at the bedside.

APS is the ideal solution for the immediate medication needs of newly admitted residents and for managing changed medication orders.  With APS, medicines can be approved by the pharmacist and available for administration in minutes rather than waiting for delivery.

APS has a proven safety track record.  The system has demonstrated a 99.9999% accuracy rate, virtually eliminating human error in dispensing.

Furthermore, APS only dispenses the amount of medication needed by the resident. This feature makes drug waste a virtual thing of the past, improving the safety of everyone and the health of our environment by removing the risks of pill disposal.

The innovative technologies and practices we incorporate all share a common goal.  We want to allow our staff members to focus on the most important thing in our integrated healthcare system – the people we care for. APS is just one of the things that prove that quality of life is our top priority!

APS is one example of CareOne’s use of technology to benefit all patients and residents, bringing the best medical innovation to bear for people who may be in a critical time of need.