Post-Acute Rehabilitation


You probably already know that rehabilitation is a must for successful recovery from surgery, injury or serious illness. What you may not know is that you are free to choose where you go for rehab.  The compelling choice is CareOne.

Where you choose to go for rehab matters. At CareOne, you’ll work with a team of experts to develop a plan based on your needs and goals. You’ll have the full support of caring, compassionate physicians, RNs, licensed therapists and nutritionists dedicated to helping you recover successfully, without setbacks, at a pace you are comfortable with. Once you take the first step with us, you’ll never look back.

Unlike most providers, CareOne offers dedicated units for patients in need of sub-acute rehabilitation. Patients receive as much rehabilitation as they can tolerate to maximize their recovery potential. Our programs are backed by the highest clinical standards and operating procedures, so patients are assured of receiving the most progressive care.

Our medical and physical rehabilitation team includes:

  • Licensed physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Registered nurses
  • On-site internal medicine physicians
  • On-site rehabilitative medicine physicians
  • Licensed nutritionists
  • Therapeutic recreation staff