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The 7 Essential Qualities of an Exceptional Senior Care Nurse

The quality of care we deliver to our patients wouldn’t be possible without our nurses. They not only put our patients first every single day, but they also live and breathe the CareOne Difference, and make our facilities some of the best places to work.

So, what exactly makes our nurses so exceptional? They, of course, have the nursing skills from advanced degrees, certifications and experience required to provide the right care and treatment to our patients’ diverse needs — but they also have so much more than that. Their soft skills are what make CareOne a unique place to work and our nurses so excellent in the care, laughter and friendship they provide our patients and each other. Put simply, the nurses who work in our 60+ facilities are superheroes. Here are seven qualities CareOne nurses universally embody:

  1. Compassion. Most healthcare workers pursue their professions in the medical field because they have a strong desire to help and ease the pain and suffering of others. CareOne’s nurses are no exception. They prioritize delivering compassionate care that builds trust and lasting, meaningful relationships with patients and their families.
  2. Respect. Respect is an essential quality to embody as a senior care nurse, as it upholds the dignity and autonomy of patients, regardless of their medical conditions or limitations. When nurses treat residents and each other with respect, it fosters self-worth among our patients and promotes a more positive work environment, ultimately leading to better care outcomes. At CareOne, our nurses protect patient dignity and treat everyone with equal respect.
  3. Dedication. The commitment to continuity of care is a cornerstone to building trust and improving patient’s well-being and health outcomes. Our dedicated nurses at CareOne are patient-first and intrinsically motivated to do their best. They are devoted to their own professional growth so they can continue to deliver the highest quality of care.
  4. Resilience. Resilient nurses manage challenging transitions and difficult conversations while having the courage to continue. Healthcare workers, particularly those in skilled nursing facilities, have experienced a lot of hardship in the last couple of years, but we are so proud of how our nurses and staff have persevered through the toughest of challenges and never let their commitment or quality of care waver.
  5. Adaptability. Being adaptable in a healthcare environment means being swift and able to pivot quickly to anything that may arise, like a patient’s rapidly changing condition or an influx of new patient admissions. No matter the situation, CareOne’s nurses are flexible, critical thinkers and maintain a patient-first mentality.
  6. Intentionality. Approaching care with purpose and intent is critical to maintaining positive outcomes. Our nurses make deliberate decisions about patients’ care to meet individual needs. And they appreciate that they are entrusted with someone’s health and well-being, so they leave no stone unturned.
  7. Collaborative. Healthcare teams that deliver the best care outcomes are ones that are collaborative, working fluidly with patients, their families and the broader care team for each patient. CareOne’s various care teams work synergistically with patients and caregivers to put together the most holistic and comprehensive care plans for each patient, no matter how complex their needs may be. This collaborative approach allows patients, and their families, to be active participants in their care decisions.

At CareOne, we deliver the highest quality of care thanks to our outstanding, compassionate senior care nurses. These seven qualities and nursing skills reflect only a small portion of the bright minds, capable hands, and big hearts they bring to our facilities. Thanks to them, CareOne is able to provide a better care experience for all our patients and foster a positive company culture.

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