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Emily Vazquez from CareOne at Newton Thanks her Staff

Dear Team Newton,

There once was a building in Newton called CareOne,
I remember back to when we first met and our team had just begun.
The building was large, so many patients and staff to get to know, But
over time a beautiful bond began to grow. Doing right for our
patients was my primary goal And each of you played such a pivotal

You washed them, you fed them, you held their hands,
You remained by their side when they could not stand.
When everyone else had lost all of their hope, You
jumped right in and threw out the rescue rope. We work
together each day as family, as a TEAM, And this has
truly been my professional dream.
Our patients are thriving right now because of your love and care, This is
the type of caregiving in which everyone should share.
I’m proud, honored, relieved and content,
I will never forget the COVID times together we’ve spent.
Picking each other up when one is weak, Finding the
words when we couldn’t speak.
You’ve done this all as a duty, a calling, “just a job” some may say, But I
see your true worth each and every day.
Doing the right thing isn’t always as simple as it sounds,
But it truly IS the practice in this building where love abounds. You
came in, you showed up, day after day,
When so many others wanted to just stay away.
You thought first of others and never lost sight of your goal.
This is how I know God Himself placed you in this role.
When one of us was weak there was always another shoulder on which to rest.

And that’s why I say this team is the BEST.
We have shared sorrow, grief and pain in great measure.
But it was your willingness to keep going that I will always treasure.
Remember when you look back on these days,
That you actually SAVED LIVES with your caring ways.
Stronger together we are each and every day,
And I am truly grateful when I say –
“You are heroes in my eyes and you deserve that name. The lives you’ve touched will never be the same. You may
not wear a cape for others to see, but please wear this mask as a gift to you from me. Essential, doesn’t begin to
describe how you fit into the CareOne theme,
And thank you could never cover how grateful I am to have you on the Newton Team!”

With Gratitude,

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