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CareOne is Proud to Offer its Patients REGEN-COV (Regeneron) Treatment

If you or a loved one were recently diagnosed with COVID-19, you may have a new treatment option. It’s called REGEN-COV (Regeneron).

REGEN-COV is an investigational new drug authorized for emergency use by the FDA. So far, the research shows that for patients who qualify, taking this medication may help limit the amount of virus in the body and also help their symptoms improve. REGEN-COV is also effective against the new COVID-19 variants.

Adults with COVID-19 may qualify if they have mild-to-moderate symptoms and are at high-risk to get very sick from COVID-19 due to chronic conditions such as: Diabetes, Chronic kidney disease, Obesity, Conditions that weaken the immune system; cardiovascular disease or long-term lung disease.

REGEN-COV is not for people who are already in the hospital because of their COVID-19 symptoms

CareOne centers were among the first to offer this new treatment option. Our team of highly-skilled clinicians, including our Infectious Disease Specialists, can work with your doctor to determine if this new treatment option may be right for you.

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