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CareOne At Cresskill Introduces First NeuroGym In The State Of NJ

CareOne at Cresskill’s NeuroGym is exclusive to the Northeast and is the only one located in the State of New Jersey.  The NeuroGym is a series of equipment that utilizes motor control, balance, and coordination to help patients effectively regain strength, stability, and function.  This dynamic evidence-based approach is geared towards meeting the needs of those with movement disorders including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and dementia.  Recent evidence-based practice in rehabilitation indicates that the combination of NeuroGym equipment and the guidance of trained therapists contributes to significant improvement in the patient’s functional capabilities and ensures that patients meet their care goals and return to the community.  “Through the use of the NeuroGym equipment, we are able to measure specific outcomes in terms of a patient’s progress,” says Paige Thomasson, Director of Rehabilitation at CareOne at Cresskill.

NeuroGym equipment includes:
  • Exercise Wheelchair – converts from a standard wheelchair into a resistance flexion and extension exercise machine for the trunk and lower extremities.  “This allows patients with limited or no mobility to do trunk exercises to control their balance,” says Thomasson.
  • Sit-To-Stand Trainer – uses a counter-weight mechanism to provide a safe and effective way to strengthen weight-bearing muscles and increase standing stability and endurance.  “The Sit-To-Stand Trainer enables patients to stand without bearing weight on their legs,” Thomasson explains.  “Repetition increases muscle use and when a patient who requires maximum assistance starts to decrease the amount of weight used on the machine, we know they have improved and can progress to minimum assistance.”
  • Bungee Mobility Trainer – enables the re-training of gait and natural protective reactions by counteracting loss of stability as naturally as possible.  “This allows patients to improve their balance and also have the safety of knowing that they can walk without falling,” says Thomasson.
  • Pendulum Stepper – targets the antigravity muscles that are important for maintaining balance and gait.  “It works on coordination and helps retrain the brain with reciprocal patterns,” Thomasson shares.

To find out how you or your loved one can benefit from the NeuroGym, please call CareOne at Cresskill at (201) 567-9310.

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