Thelma Gary

On Saturday, June 24th the first time I have ever been to CareOne at Teaneck, due to my first knee replacement was quite an experience and a wonderful one at that. I must say the nurse’s aides were very very helpful, understanding and concerned, always with a smile when you call for them. One nurse’s aide named Joyce is one I think everyone could never forget! She was really that medicine of laughter that took away my pain. Joyce I thank you because you are you and I couldn’t ask for more. Then there is Tracey Ann who is always with a smile too. She was there for you to do whatever in her power to see to your needs. They also have Kaitlyn and Jesus who were amazing. They make sure that everyone is doing and getting what they need. Nurses are just as good! Jenny, Rachel and Ronnie are great nurses, they couldn’t ask for more.

— Thelma Gary