CareOne At Morris In Parsippany Is By Far The Best

I am writing to commend and thank you for hiring such exceptional employees. The nurses are so compassionate, caring, sincere, genuine, patient, knowledgeable, kind, thoughtful, warm, friendly, understanding, cordial and cheerful. It truly made my 95-year-old grandmother feel secure and less anxious during her rehabilitation sessions.

Thank you for hiring such extraordinary and talented employees with hearts and that take pride in their work, which I wish were more common in our society. In the last 7 years, my grandmother has had stays at 4 different facilities. CareOne at Morris in Parsippany is by far the best, with its nursing to cleaning staff the benchmark for all health care employees.

A friend happened to call me to inform me that he is going to have a hip replacement, and asked if I knew of a good rehabilitation center for recovery. Naturally, I said “CareOne at Morris in Parsippany”.

— John