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Pain Management at CareOne

CareOne’s Approach to Pain Management

At CareOne, we’re proud to offer a pain management program that leads the healthcare field in terms of scope, effectiveness, and quality of care, starting with our CareOne at Teaneck location. This pain management specialty uses not just one form of treatment, but many pain relief options working in concert as appropriate.

We recognize that many patients, no matter their condition, can have their outcomes, healing, and quality of life improved if they have access to robust relief for their pain. This program is built on the knowledge that everyone’s body, mind, lifestyle, and tolerance for different types of pain is unique, meaning people are best served with individualized combinations of treatments.


How CareOne Uses the Right Pain Control Techniques at the Right Time

When possible, we rely on minimally-invasive methods. Non-opiate medications and non-surgical interventions are often more effective at reducing or eliminating pain than the alternative, as well as carrying lower risks of complications and side effects. We are able to constantly monitor our patients, building a high level of trust with them and quickly changing our approach to their pain as needed. 

Through these methods, we can deliver many treatments at the bedside, giving our long-term care residents as comfortable a stay as possible and our short-term rehabilitation patients the confidence to get better faster and a reduced risk of rehospitalization.

Our Innovative Techniques Improve Outcomes by Reducing Pain

CareOne believes in holistic health, and we set our sights on the best possible quality of life for everyone in our care in order to fulfill that ideal.

Pain management is not only specified for certain medical conditions. Most people who undergo an adverse health event can potentially experience pain at some level, and treating that pain on a personal, customized basis has a positive impact on all aspects of health. For example, with lowered levels of pain, our patients can better participate in our robust physical therapy programming, thus helping them achieve the goals of their rehabilitation journey faster and better.

This pain management program relies on CareOne’s capabilities for innovation as well as our skilled and empathetic staff. Contact us today to learn more or inquire about how we can help you advance your career in caring.

We specialize in treating pain of all types, including but not limited to:

  • Post-surgical pain
  • Orthopedic and musculoskeletal pain
  • Pain from immune dysfunctions
  • Arthritis and inflammatory pain
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