Ventilator Weaning and Pulmonary Program

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The premier ventilator weaning hospitals in New Jersey

The ventilator weaning program at CareOne long-term acute care hospitals offers patients and their families the additional time, specialized care, and experience they need to reduce ventilator support. Directed by top physicians, CareOne’s pulmonary and vent weaning programs have a success rate 40% higher than the national average.

What is ventilator weaning?

Ventilator weaning is the gradual process of helping a patient who relies on a machine to breathe to switch back to breathing on their own. It’s like training your lungs to do the work after relying on the ventilator for support. The process involves slowly reducing the ventilator’s assistance while closely monitoring the patient’s breathing and oxygen levels. Successful weaning means the patient can breathe effectively without the machine and eventually have their breathing tube removed. It’s a crucial step in recovering from critical illness and can take days or even weeks, depending on the patient’s condition and progress.

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Mastering the long wean

Unlike a traditional hospital, CareOne LTACHs are designed specifically for a vented patient that requires a longer than usual length of stay. From the moment that a patient admits to our floor, their individualized plan is put into effect. After a complete clinical review of what has occurred prior to their admission, treatment immediately begins. We learn a patient’s breathing patterns, understand barriers to weaning, and work to discover new ways to guide patients to a successful wean.

Ventilator Weaning and Pulmonary Program

Service Locations

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Elizabeth, NJ

LTACH CareOne at Trinitas Regional Medical Center

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New Brunswick, NJ

LTACH CareOne at Saint Peter’s University Hospital

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Westwood, NJ

LTACH CareOne at Hackensack UMC, Pascack Valley