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Cardiac Care Innovations at CareOne

Cardiac Care Innovations at CareOne

Keeping hearts healthy is one of our top goals at CareOne. Cardiac conditions are among the most common serious health concerns, and we want all of our patients, residents, and their loved ones to know that they can trust in CareOne’s cardiac care program. Not only do we strive to offer the most comprehensive and compassionate care for heart conditions, we’re using the latest technology to give patients with cardiac health needs the most accurate, most convenient, and most responsive heart monitoring as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation. Learn more below, contact us with any inquiries, or find a location near you.

Our Pioneering Cardiac Wing Program

Beginning with our CareOne at Madison Avenue location, CareOne is rolling out specialized facility areas dedicated entirely to cardiac care, rehabilitation, and observation. This program is among the most comprehensive of its kind, including physician visits at bedside five times a week as well as expert supervision by a cardiologist. Each patient will also be outfitted with a Mindray BeneVision TM80 Telemetry Transmitter – a revolutionary cell-phone-sized wireless device that provides round-the-clock information on the patient’s heart. The Mindray transmitter is a minimally-invasive smart device, capable of making detailed readings of a variety of cardiovascular signs and instantly detecting abnormalities that could indicate arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, and other emergencies. If the Mindray transmitter detects an adverse cardiac event, it will instantly alert the care team, allowing for a fast response to a potential emergency.

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    Features of the Mindray Telemetry Transmitter

    ● Continuous monitoring, alarm system for all care team members
    ● Stores a record of past readings for better diagnosis and treatment adjustment
    ● Clear, easy-to-read display instantly tells doctors and nurses the patient’s cardiac situation
    ● Arrhythmia analysis with atrial fibrillation detection and other scanning features
    ● Run time up to 36 hours

    Patients in our cardiac program will see greatly improved outcomes for their heart health conditions, with lower risk of hospitalization and access to CareOne’s best-in-class physical rehabilitation. They will be able to enter subacute rehabilitation earlier, with less worry about being rehospitalized. Family members will enjoy greater peace of mind thanks to our high standard of care and cardiac-specific methodology, and primary care doctors can have the assurance that their patients are monitored in real-time and that they will be notified of any heart health events.

    With this program and many others, we’re making use of the latest and best medical technologies and techniques to bring real positive results to all the people we care for. Learn more about other innovations at CareOne, or see how our innovative Madison Avenue facility can best serve the health needs of you or a loved one by scheduling a tour.

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