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CareOne Celebrates their Healthcare Heroes

FORT LEE, N.J., March 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CareOne, a leader in post-acute care, long-term care, memory care and assisted living for over 20 years, recognizes that COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time for our healthcare system. And while they have put extensive measures in place to keep patients, residents and staff healthy and safe, CareOne recognizes that they must go beyond the policy and protocols in place to meet physical health needs. They also deeply understand the importance of maintaining the mental and spiritual needs of everyone at their centers.

COVID-19 has put enormous pressure on all the centers – residents, patients and staff. The outbreak was met with an immediate response by CareOne to implement an even more stringent infection control policy, beyond the extensive measures already in place prior to the outbreak. Additionally, all visits to the centers have been suspended out of an abundance of caution. Additional medical supplies and food supplies were immediately available on-site as backup for all centers. We have reached out to our army of facility volunteers as well as local school children to write letters of inspiration and thanks to our patients, residents and staff. All staff and physicians entering the center must be screened for potential risk, signs and symptoms and have a temperature check. All these measures are in accordance with recommendations of the Department of Health and the CDC.

CareOne also recognized these stringent measures necessitated a plan to meet the fear of isolation the patients and residents, some who have daily visits from family and friends, may feel. Immediate plans were put in place to keep residents, patients and families connected. All centers were supplied with additional laptops and computers so visits could occur via FaceTime and Skype. Staff also make regular calls to family members to provide status updates on their loved ones.

Elizabeth Straus, Executive Vice President of CareOne, was also very concerned about the well-being and morale of staff at the centers. She knew the long hours and restrictions needed to care for the residents could take a toll on staff members. It meant staff would be isolated from their families and friends too! Ms. Straus immediately implemented plans to celebrate the CareOne Healthcare Heroes. PA (Public Address) Bingo with prizes for residents and staff, scavenger hunts, “Thank-You” signs posted throughout the centers, and offering alternative shifts for those with child-care issues were just some of the measures put in place. Keeping their residents and staff engaged would mean the difference between managing residents and staff successfully or allowing them to feel the effects of isolation.

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