Senior Memory Care, The CareOne Way

A Positive Approach to Senior Memory Care 

CareOne builds its approach to senior living and memory care around compassion, collaboration, and person-centered care. Rejecting a one-size-fits-all model, CareOne prioritizes creating a home-like environment tailored to each resident’s unique needs. By focusing on dignity, respect, and individuality, CareOne enables residents to thrive. 

Rooted in the training and philosophy of Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care®, CareOne’s memory care places a strong emphasis on personalized attention. Specialized caregivers work diligently to understand each resident’s distinct abilities and care requirements. From there, care teams work closely with each resident’s family to develop individualized dementia care plans.  

In Teepa Snow’s GEMS® Brain Change Model, caregivers are strongly encouraged to use positive language that focuses on their loved one’s abilities that remain, rather than their physical limitations and cognitive decline. This shift helps to not only destigmatize dementia, but also humanize those impacted by the condition. 

Following the GEMS model, CareOne classifies the stages of dementia as gemstones: 

True Blue

Individuals exhibit optimal cognition but may face challenges in verbal expression and slower learning. Care should support cognitive health, including stimulating activities and occasional reminders for appointments or plans. Displaying patience and encouragement is crucial to managing communication difficulties and enhancing overall well-being. 

Care Options: 

Respite Care: Offers companionship and engaging activities to stimulate cognitive function while providing caregivers with a recess. 

Home Care: Creates a layer of support and provides stimulating cognitive therapy as individuals adjust. 

Assisted Living: Always-on assistance with activities of daily living, structured routines and socialization in a community setting. 

Clear and Sharp

With sharp cognition, these individuals value routine, which provides a sense of security. Distress can lead to more rigidity, possessiveness and potential conflicts. Care involves maintaining consistent routines, offering reassurance during distress and providing opportunities for social engagement.  

Care Options: 

Respite Care: Temporary care option that provides emotional support and supervision to individuals and allows caregivers to take a break. 

Home Care: Implements dementia care plans to address emerging challenges while maintaining a familiar environment. 

Assisted Living: Adjusts support to changing care needs, providing structured routines and introductory memory care services. 

Harmony Village: Surrounds individuals with others at the same stage of memory loss in a community that provides tailored person-first care plans and various stimulating activities. 

Green and On the Go with a Purpose

Living in the present, individuals at this stage may lack awareness of safety concerns. They also tend to have difficulty with carrying conversations and remembering details. Care requires positivity and compassion, emphasizing the present moment and providing environmental modifications to ensure safety. Engaging in purposeful activities and simplifying surroundings contribute to their overall well-being. 

Care Options: 

Respite Care: Offers occasional relief for caregivers while ensuring individuals with dementia feel safe and supported. 

Home Care: Adapts care to evolving needs, offering support with activities of daily living, medication management and personal companionship at home. 

Harmony Village: Customizes care programs to cognitive abilities, emphasizing cognitive stimulation and social engagement in a safe community environment. 

Caught in a Moment of Time

Individuals may experience difficulty recognizing loved ones and reactions are increasingly sensorybased. Care involves safeguarding the environment, as individuals may be unaware of danger. Addressing physical symptoms requires specialized assistance in daily activities such as eating, bathing and dressing. Compassionate care, focused on sensory experiences, is vital. 

Care Options: 

Respite Care: Tailors activities to individual abilities, focusing on maintaining a sense of purpose while offering short-term relief to caregivers. 

Harmony Village: Implements specialized interventions, structured routines and sensory therapies to address advanced cognitive challenges. 

Deep and Strong in Color

Limited fine motor skills necessitate a highly supportive environment anticipating every need. Care involves guiding movements, providing daily structure and ensuring safety to reduce health risks. Maintaining a sensory-rich environment and adapting activities to individual abilities contribute to overall comfort and well-being. 

Care Options: 

Respite Care: Focuses on preserving comfort and dignity, offering short breaks for full-time caregivers and continuous care for individuals in advanced stages. 

Harmony Village: Focuses on minimizing confusion, providing assistance and engagement. 

Hidden Within a Shell

Individuals may begin to struggle with breathing and swallowing. Care focuses on creating meaningful connections through familiar voices, touches, smells and tastes. Providing comfort, acknowledging moments of alertness and allowing individuals to feel at peace are essential components of compassionate end-of-life care.

Care Options: 

Harmony Village: Offers compassionate end-of-life care, creating moments of connection while ensuring maximum comfort and support. 

Hospice or Palliative Care: Provides highly personalized end-of-life care geared to maximize comfort in your preferred location.  

At CareOne, it is our job to ensure that residents who have dementia, at any stage, find beauty in every day.”

– Joan DiPaola, Senior Dementia Specialist  

What sets Harmony Village’s care apart: 

At Harmony Village, our mission is to help individuals with memory impairment find a sense of belonging and purpose in an environment that’s safe, supportive and inclusive.

Highlights include:

  • Certified Dementia Care Specialist: Each Harmony Village location is staffed with a certified dementia care specialist. The specialist trains CareOne employees on delivering patient-centered care and establishing a personal connection with each resident rather than focusing solely on their diagnosis. They also offer monthly training sessions for residents’ families to help them better support their loved ones with dementia. 
  • Unique Neighborhood Layout: At Harmony Village, residents live in distinct neighborhoods based on their degree of memory impairment and care needs. This layout improves social interaction and engagement in suitable activities, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and enhancing overall care outcomes. 
  • Caregiver Relationship: Harmony Village’s dementia specialists and staff partner with caregivers to gain knowledge of their loved one’s background and personality which informs their approach to care. 

By focusing on individualized, compassionate care, innovative therapies and creating supportive communities, CareOne’s Harmony Village stands out as a beacon of excellence in senior memory care 

Memory Care Programming and Senior Living Amenities  

At CareOne’s Harmony Village, programming surpasses mere routine by fostering meaningful engagement and enriching experiences for residents. Staff work with caregivers to create programs specific to each individual’s life experiences, encouraging residents to explore their creativity and connect with others in a supportive environment.  

From painting and music to movement therapy, Harmony Village’s senior memory care programming serves to enhance residents’ well-being and overall quality of life, fostering a sense of purpose and belonging within the community. 

The amenities and services at CareOne are also designed to meet the needs of each resident. From our Signature Dining Program to sensory stimulation programs, our care goes beyond traditional medicine to embrace health and support from every angle. 

How We Support Caregivers

Too often, the caregiver experience and the unique challenges they face are overlooked. But CareOne understands them intimately and is dedicated to offering numerous resources, educational programs and personalized assistance to help alleviate the caregiving burden. 

In support of caregivers, Harmony Village dementia specialists regularly host Food for Thought educational workshops. The sessions strive to help individuals effectively handle the challenges of caregiving — from maintaining a daily routine to medication management, navigating language changes, dealing with sundowning and more. These information sessions and support groups allow caregivers to share their similar experiences with others in a safe space and find solace. 

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