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Elder Care Continuum

Three Phases of Older Adult Care Needs

There are three phases of senior care needs consisting of early, moderate, and progressed. At CareOne, we’re experts in all three, providing the compassionate, quality care your loved one needs across the varying stages of senior living.

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Care Options Defined

Care Needs
CareOne Services
Early Phase
Care Needs
  • Home health aide or homemaking services a few hours a day
  • Residential or independent congregate living
  • Assistance with household tasks and activities of daily living
Moderate Phase
Care Needs
  • Increased hours of home health aide assistance
Progressed Phase
Care Needs
  • Hospital care*
  • Inpatient, short-stay rehabilitation
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Hospice care
  • Palliative care

*Hospital care can occur at any point throughout the continuum of care, but often occurs before admission to assisted living, sub-acute care, or long-term care.

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