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Winner Announced for the 2021 Columbia CareOne Healthcare Innovation Challenge

The winner of the 2021 Columbia Venture Competition – Columbia-CareOne Healthcare Innovation Challenge, RadioClash, Ltd. Co. aims to be the future of Combination Electroporation Therapy (CET), a novel cancer treatment which involves shocking a tumor followed by precise delivery of drugs into that tumor to increase the amount of tumor killing, and to generate an anti-tumor immune response throughout the body. RadioClash’s Electro-Embolizer Device (EED) is a minimally-invasive surgical tool positioned to become the leading CET delivery instrument for cancer – starting with cancers of the liver, pancreas, and bones.

The CEO of RadioClash, Dr. Yang Qiao ’20 VP&S, is an Interventional Radiology resident at the University of Texas Health Science who performs minimally-invasive procedures on a daily basis. By working with patients and their families every day and researching the science directly, Dr. Qiao has a first-hand understanding that CET will both decrease patient discomfort and morbidity compared with traditional open surgical treatments. He believes that it will also introduce a new definitive treatment option for patients with metastatic cancer.

Duane Bester, RadioClash CTO, is a Texas A&M 2011 Electrical Engineering graduate. The venture’s CFO is Dam Dharia, BSc Cornell 2013, MBA from Kellogg in 2019.

Columbia University and CareOne have collaborated to launch the Columbia-CareOne Healthcare Innovation Challenge in the Fall of 2021, as part of the Columbia Venture Competition, among the largest university-based business plan competitions in the country.

CareOne has always been on the forefront of innovation. From our Rehab department utilizing robotics, to our telehealth program which allows practitioners to see more patients a day. In continuing our innovative spirit, we are proud to partner with Columbia University in the City of New York to foster creativity and innovation in the healthcare sphere.