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Navigate the Transition From Hospital to Skilled Nursing Facility

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When a loved one is being discharged from the hospital, their doctor may determine that they need additional medical care before they can fully return home in a safe manner. Making the transition from hospital to skilled nursing facility is an important step in getting the right care for individuals who need special medical support and rehab, such as those recovering from a stroke, a bad fall, or surgery.

It’s a big change that needs careful planning and teamwork to make sure everything goes well and your loved one gets better. Sometimes, this change can happen very quickly and you may not have lots of time to consider your options of which skilled nursing facility to go to after the hospital.

Here’s what you should know about the process of transitioning from hospital to skilled nursing facility, and important steps to consider along the way.

  • Understand the medical condition and treatment plan
  • Discuss the need for a skilled nursing facility
  • Ask for recommendations and options

  • Identify facilities near your location
  • Consider factors like reputation, quality ratings, and services offered
  • Schedule tours or virtual visits

  •  Initiate the admission process early
  • Provide necessary medical information and documentation
  • Discuss insurance coverage and payment options

  • Coordinate with the hospital and facility staff for a smooth transfer
  • Share medical history, medications, and special care needs
  • Discuss any personal preferences or concerns

  • Confirm the transfer of medical records and care plans
  • Coordinate medication management and therapy services
  • Establish open communication with the facility’s care team

  • Understand facility rules, routines, and visiting policies
  • Familiarize yourself with available amenities and support services
  • Communicate your needs and preferences to the staff

  • Plan regular visits or virtual check-ins with your loved one
  • Engage in meaningful activities together
  • Communicate with the care team regarding updates and when your loved one can go home

Skilled nursing facilities play a vital role in providing specialized care and support for individuals with complete medical needs. They also help patients recover and their families feel more secure before they go home after a hospital stay. So, when your loved one transitions from hospital to skilled nursing facility, it’s important to be patient, keep open communication with their care team, and provide support for your loved one.

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