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CareOne Celebrates the Promotion of Lisa Rhoads

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”


No one embodies this principle more than CareOne’s own Lisa Rhoads. For the past 25 years – half her life – Lisa has been a valuable part of the exceptional service CareOne provides, bringing joy, engagement, and holistic health to our residents. She’s risen to become a highly effective leader in CareOne Assisted Living, and we’re honored to say Lisa has now been promoted to our VP of Operations for New Jersey.

The story of Lisa’s career started in Vermont, where, as a psychology student, she got a job as a recreation assistant at an assisted living facility. Lisa says that she had never considered working with seniors before this, but that she’d always been a people person – and she found that not only was the job rewarding, she was good at it. Even in this first job in the assisted living field, Lisa went above and beyond, contacting community stakeholders like the local theater and library and utilizing their programming to enrich the lives of the older people in her care.

Lisa moved to New Jersey and sought a job in the same field, and her talent, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas caught the attention of CareOne at The Cupola. Starting in a recreation assistant position, she learned a great deal on the job and was soon exceptionally skilled in senior care.

She earned many promotions over time – her time, effort, heart, and soul invested in CareOne were recognized with CareOne’s investment in her. Eventually being promoted to CareOne at The Cupola’s Director of Recreation, with CareOne’s support, she took graduate classes while still working full-time and earned a master’s degree in public health. After completing her masters, Lisa finished her AIT program earning her Nursing Home Administrator License.

Now, two and a half entire decades after she started with us, Lisa has finally made it to an executive position within CareOne. During that time, she’s mentored many other employees on their own career journeys, giving back by preparing a new generation for future leadership – which is one more reason we’re eternally grateful for her.

Lisa’s whole career has been a great example of CareOne’s commitment to recruiting the absolute best talent in the health and wellness fields and doing all we can to help them grow to their full potential as professionals. Thank you for everything, Lisa, and our hearty congratulations: We’re so excited to have your skill, empathy, and leadership as you start your new position.