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CareOne in New Jersey Celebrates Reduction in Agency Nursing Hours

Over the course of the last year, CareOne’s New Jersey facilities have significantly reduced the use of agency nurses and nursing assistants. As of May 2023, CareOne is 95% out of agency across the state, providing care through our own talented team of healthcare professionals. This incredible achievement is unparalleled in the industry and showcases CareOne’s commitment to recruiting, hiring, retaining, rewarding, and investing in our staff.

Achieving this significant reduction is particularly noteworthy given the ongoing staffing challenges faced by the industry amid a talent shortage. According to a study released by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, nearly 100,000 registered nurses left the workforce in the wake of the pandemic. Many skilled nursing and assisted living facilities have been forced to rely on temporary staff from nursing agencies as a result. Because we believe strong resident-staff relationships are a critical component of quality care, CareOne made a commitment to reducing our reliance on temporary staff.

he journey towards this milestone started with a comprehensive review of CareOne’s recruitment and hiring processes. By focusing on attracting and retaining the best talent in the industry, the organization was able to significantly reduce its reliance on agency staffing. Our proactive approach to talent management has enabled CareOne to foster a supportive and collaborative work environment that values employees.

CareOne’s investment in its staff goes beyond competitive salaries and benefits packages. The organization has implemented ongoing training and development programs, equipping nursing staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional care to patients and residents. This focus on employee growth and satisfaction has contributed significantly to the organization’s ability to reduce its reliance on agency nurses and nursing assistants.

CareOne’s commitment to its staff has also had a positive impact on the quality of care provided to patients and residents. By investing in its workforce, CareOne has been able to maintain a consistent team of nursing professionals, leading to improved continuity of care and better patient outcomes.

“Staffing our facilities with our own dedicated nursing staff is a top priority,” said Daniel Straus, CEO and Chairman at CareOne. “We believe the strong bonds that form between our employees and residents are fundamental to the CareOne experience, where we strive to treat your family like our own. This milestone is indicative of our commitment to our staff and to our residents.”

CareOne stands as a paradigm for other healthcare organizations seeking to achieve similar results.