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CareOne Employees, Victims of Hurricane Sandy, Express Appreciation for Relief Fund Awards

Following application process, more substantial grants to follow

FORT LEE, N.J. – CareOne Management employees, victims of Hurricane Sandy, are expressing their deep appreciation for the interim CareOne Disaster Relief Fund awards presented them in the holiday period by CareOne Management CEO Daniel Straus.

The $1,000 tax-free cash card awards were distributed to 64 employees who lost their homes, cars, furniture, clothing or other personal property due to Hurricane Sandy, and are designed to provide initial help in easing the burden caused by those losses. In a pre-Christmas gathering at the CareOne at King James facility in Atlantic Highlands, N.J., attended by most of the recipients, Straus told the employee group: “We are deeply appreciative of all you do for our patients and their families, and during this time as you rebuild, we wanted to provide those of you impacted by Sandy with financial help that will enable you to enjoy the holidays.”

Straus met individually with recipients and their families, who described their Hurricane Sandy experiences and the losses each suffered. “It was sobering to discuss first-hand the many hardships so many of our employees are having to endure because of Hurricane Sandy,” he said, “and makes even more meaningful the fact that in the immediate aftermath of the storm those impacted still made our patients their top priority.”

Employees expressed their appreciation for the relief fund awards.
In a letter to Straus, CareOne employee Janet Sottile wrote, “You recently sent my family a $1,000 gift. We just wanted to express our deep appreciation of such a generous and unexpected gift. I personally am in awe of such kindness and generosity. Needless to say, it came in a nick of time for the holiday. I am so grateful. I will never forget the look on my son’s face when he got his gift. I will also not forget your generosity. Thank you! God bless and have a wonderful holiday!”
Similar comments were made by employees at the CareOne at King James gathering. A sampling:

  • “CareOne was wonderful to do this for us!” – Maureen Card, Laundry Aide.
  • “I’m going out right now and buy my refrigerator with this gift card!” – Cathy Kane, Activity Director.
  • “I was so happy to see Mr. Straus that I asked him for a hug!” – Regina Sagos, Housekeeping Aide.
  • “We really appreciate this help… Thanks to this… We’ll get through this ok!” –Kathleen Wheeler, Activity Aide.

Straus also visited the CareOne Relief Store, established by the company at the CareOne King James site immediately after the storm to provide impacted employees with basic necessities such as food, clothing and supplies.

He stressed his appreciation for the many CareOne employees, as well as other individuals and corporate sponsors, who made the relief fund’s Dec. 4 inaugural fundraiser such a success. It featured a “Casino Night” theme, was carried out under the banner of “Coming Together To Make Things Better,” and raised more than $1 million.

Straus told employees that the next stage of fund distribution, for more substantial sums, will involve the process of employees submitting grant applications detailing their losses. Then, the Selection Committee of the CareOne Disaster Relief Fund will review the applications and determine which applications merit approval and in what amounts. In order to ensure that the grant process is fair and objective, the committee includes two well known, highly respected individuals who have no ties to the company. They are:

  • The Honorable Gary S. Stein, who served as a justice on the New Jersey Supreme Court for more than 17 years. Currently Special Counsel at the PashmanStein law firm, he is also a Rutgers Law School adjunct professor.
  • Raphael Benaroya, who is Managing Director of both Biltmore Capital Group LLC and American Licensing Group, LP, as well as Chairman of Kid Brands. He was the founder of United Retail Group, Inc.

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