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CareOne Celebrates Our Nurses: Why They’re Vital to All Our Services

CareOne is celebrating National Nurses Week from May 6th-12th. This week is an important observance for us; because our nurses perform many roles in our wide spectrum of services, all of which are critical to our patients’ quality of life. Today we want to applaud our nurses by recognizing everything they do within all of our care modalities.

Nurses in Assisted Living

CareOne’s assisted living facilities are able to provide whole-person care and offer a high level of quality of life thanks to the efforts of our nursing staff. One of the biggest reasons CareOne assisted living meets such a high standard is because we have nursing staff on call 24/7. They are the first in line to fulfill our clients’ needs, from pressing medical concerns to general care and comfort. Nurses also help lead our on-site health centers, and make sure residents don’t need to leave home in order to have medical issues attended to.

Nurses in Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation

Nursing care is also essential to getting people capable of going home after they’re discharged from the hospital or undergo surgery. Our post-acute care relies on registered nurses and advanced practice nurses not only to support the medical specializations that get patients back on their feet, like physical therapy and nutrition, but also to advocate for and advise people during their rehabilitation journey. That journey continues even after patients are no longer under our care, so our nurses work to instruct them so their rehabilitation skills last a lifetime.

Nurses in Memory Care

Memory care nursing is a highly necessary support for people who have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other cognitive issues. With the help of our nurses, residents at CareOne’s Harmony Village memory care facilities are able to lead rich and fulfilling lives while mitigating their symptoms as best as possible. We make sure our nurses are able to continue their education while working for us, including by receiving certifications in dementia care.

Nurses in Long-Term Care

In CareOne’s long-term care facilities, residents have access to help from registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, and certified nursing assistants. The nursing staff at these locations get to know their patients deeply, and care for them with the utmost empathy. Nurses are typically the medical staff our long-term care residents see the most often, and are important to their day-to-day support throughout their stay.

Why We Want to Thank All of Our Nurses

No matter which department they work in, CareOne’s nurses are absolutely essential. Their highly skilled and highly compassionate care is something that all of our clients take notice of and deeply appreciate. Nurses, in short, keep CareOne caring for all those we are responsible for, and we are eternally grateful to them for it.

We continue to search for the best talent in every field, and we are currently hiring for nursing positions at many of our locations. On this National Nurses Week, we are proud to say we offer all nurses a chance to advance their careers with us, a slate of amazing benefits and opportunities, and so much more – but even that is small thanks in comparison to what our nurses do for us.