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What to Be Aware of During Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

In recent years, the importance of brain health has become a popular topic of discussion in the healthcare industry and particularly at CareOne. From our fresh and healthy meals made with nutritional brain support in mind, to the kindness and understanding our staff has with patients struggling, this observance is close to our hearts. Previously, very little was known about the causes and treatments of dementia and other brain ailments. But new developments and heightened focus have brought much greater awareness to these issues. So has CareOne’s treatment of these issues.

We always believe the first step is education. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and the most common brain disease in America. More than 6 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, with that number expected to grow each year. Millions more are living with other forms of dementia or brain illness. Still more suffer from the lingering effects of traumatic brain injury, which often have lifelong consequences.

CareOne, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of brain health, is taking part in Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month during the month of June. This is a month long observance to recognize the struggles of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and their loved ones. It is also a month to educate millions of people worldwide about Alzheimer’s disease and the importance of brain health.

This month is a significant time on the calendar for our patients, caretakers, and families affected by Alzheimer’s. As an integrated healthcare network, CareOne is deeply committed to advocating for those in need and providing educational resources. CareOne’s company-wide mission is to offer compassionate, comprehensive care for each patient and resident we serve. That mission is manifested daily in our memory care communities, where we provide 24-hour monitoring and specialized activities and treatment for our residents. Memory care requires a deep understanding of the personal struggle of each patient. That is why we take time to construct personalized care plans for each resident.

While CareOne strives to provide world-class service 365 days a year, Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month offers a unique opportunity to raise support and awareness. In recognition of this month, here are some details for anyone who wishes to get involved this June.

Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month Organization

Anyone can honor Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month however they choose. There are millions of families nationwide affected by brain disease. Every community in America has likely been touched by Alzheimer’s in some way. As such, there is no shortage of ways to recognize and honor those impacted by the disease.

As with many fundraising and awareness movements today, social media is a powerful tool during this time. Advocates use social media to share stories of loved ones who have fought or are fighting dementia during the month. Whether using the platform to share personal stories, providing educational content, or raising funds, social media is a powerful tool. CareOne will be posting throughout about this and other important dates so as to provide education and information to those who need it.

The color purple is used by the Alzheimer’s Association as the official color of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Among their many initiatives is the “Turn Facebook Purple” campaign in which activists add purple frames to their profile pictures. But the color purple is ubiquitous during the month. Purple banners, purple shirts, purple hearts, and more can be found everywhere in digital and physical event spaces.

The Longest Day & Other Official Events

June 21st–the first official day of summer and the day with the most sunlight–is recognized as “the Longest Day” by the Alzheimer’s Association. The Longest Day is the biggest day of fundraising during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month.

Per the Alzheimer’s Association, “people from across the world will fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s through a fundraising activity of their choice.” Local groups can sponsor any type of event, from walkathons, to bake sales, to game nights, and more–any event that suits your community.

The Importance of Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

As mentioned above, brain health has recently received a much greater spotlight than ever before. That increased attention has sparked new developments in CareOne’s understanding of brain disease and potential treatments. While awareness of the impact, causes, warning signs, and potential treatments help, the fight against Alzheimer’s disease is far from over. Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month is a time to shine a light on this fight.

There is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia. This disease predominantly affects older adults, with most diagnoses occurring in individuals over 65. For millions of older adults living with dementia today, treatment commonly relies on managing symptoms and full-time healthcare, as practiced at CareOne’s facilities. These treatments are designed to improve quality of life for patients and their families. Unfortunately, we cannot yet prevent or reverse the effects of dementia. However, big strides have been made in recent years in the quest to develop a cure.

As of 2022, the FDA has approved six drugs intended to aid the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Five of these six drugs combat symptoms, rather than the  underlying conditions. While this is certainly a relief for those seeking some form of treatment, it is not a complete cure. A sixth drug, aducanumab, was just approved last year and is intended to treat the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease. However, this drug still does not offer a complete cure for every patient. Trials have primarily focused on patients with early stage dementia with a build-up of amyloid plaques in the brain. While incomplete, this does represent a positive step toward more effective treatments for Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. One of the goals of Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month is to help raise funds and awareness so that even bigger breakthroughs may soon follow.

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