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7 Signs of Aging to Watch in Your Loved One

While each person’s aging process is unique, there are several common signs that indicate your loved one may require additional care, whether at home or in an assisted living facility. Here are seven signs of aging to watch in your loved one:

1. Memory Loss and/or Confusion

Is your loved one showing signs of memory loss or confusion? Do you notice instances where they struggle to recall recent events or important appointments? Maybe they’re getting distracted more easily and forgetting to take care of essential tasks like preparing food and staying hydrated. Memory loss and/or confusion is one of the top signs of aging to watch in your loved one as it can signal that they may need a higher level of care and support – such as an assisted living facility.

2. Difficulty with Regular Tasks

Elderly individuals can face challenges in performing day-to-day tasks for various reasons. While it can be easy to disregard decline in some activities, such as household cleaning, others, like taking prescription medication on the right dates and at the right time, can become much more dangerous and pose significant health risks if not handled properly. In assisted living facilities, activities of daily living can be supported 24/7 by trained professionals.

3. Lack of Socialization

If your loved one is staying at home due to mobility issues or other health conditions, they may be suffering from social isolation. Social connections are essential to healthy aging, as they support positive mental health and improve overall well-being. To promote social interactions and community-building, CareOne assisted living facilities feature daily events, including performances, outings and more, all year round.

4. Noticeable Personality Changes

It’s not uncommon for older people to start acting and speaking differently. If your loved one is showing signs of significant behavior or personality changes, however — perhaps they are becoming suddenly angry, withdrawn, lashing out, or acting suspiciously towards others — it may be time to consider moving them to a safe and monitored environment, like an assisted living facility. CareOne’s assisted living staff has the compassion and experience to communicate positively and diffuse behavioral issues as they arise.

5. Decline in Independence

Whether it’s due to visual, neurological, or cognitive impairments, many seniors lose the ability to drive or prepare food, which reduces their ability to take care of themselves day-to-day and their overall sense of independence. Assisted living facilities can provide transportation services for residents to run important errands and take care of appointments. They also offer food and dining services, so residents don’t have to worry about meal preparation or cooking. Support measures like these ultimately provide a more independent lifestyle for seniors in a safe and secure environment.

6. Poor Hygiene

If you’ve noticed that your loved one is no longer able to maintain healthy hygiene on their own, it may be time to seek additional support. In assisted living, seniors have round-the-clock assistance from professionals who can help with hygiene issues like incontinence and regular bathing. They approach these issues with kindness and respect, giving your loved one the support they need to age with dignity.

7. Frequent Trips and Falls

While falls may not be serious for young adults, they pose a high risk to seniors. Even seniors without preexisting medical conditions can be in danger of fractured bones and internal bleeding from falls. The neurological effects of dementia or other cognitive conditions can make falls more likely and more severe. If you know your loved one has fallen multiple times recently and/or is prone to frequent injuries and bruising, it may be in their best interest to consider an assisted living facility that offers a safe and monitored living environment.

Finding the Right Care

The right assisted living facility should give your loved one the ability to age comfortably and with dignity. CareOne’s assisted living facilities promote community and connection through daily activities and compassionate 24/7 professional care.

Our assisted living residents can participate in physical, occupational, and speech therapies provided by trusted professionals seven days a week. This consistent therapeutic regimen builds independence and makes activities of daily living easier.

We also offer a range of great amenities like on-site ice cream parlors, movie theaters, hair salons, and advanced exercise facilities. These amenities not only elevate the quality of life but also promote physical and mental well-being, strengthening social ties for every resident, regardless of their medical situation.

For more information about assisted living, speak to a CareOne representative on live chat or find a CareOne assisted living facility near you.