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CareOne is committed to providing information and resources that can assist you in your search for care options and helpful answers. Below is a list of websites and documents that we hope will be useful to you.


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires all licensed hospitals to post standard charges on a publically available web-site. CareOne LTACH has provided the standard chargemaster (please note, some charges may be subject to change without notice and the timing of updates may affect these posted charges) for each of it’s locations below. However, the listed prices are not the actual amount a patient will pay. We work directly with many insurance companies and apply discounts as applicable. If you have any specific questions as to what your out-of-pocket costs may be, your insurance company will be able to provide those answers. A list of shoppable service is irrelevant as services within an LTACH are not scheduled in advance. Each patient’s care, including tests and procedures, is based on the individual needs of the patient at the time of admission to the LTACH and throughout their stay. If you would like additional information on price transparency, please contact our billing office at 833-739-0100.

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