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LGBT+ Inclusion Across the CareOne Continuum of Services

Throughout June, communities across the country observe Pride Month, a time to celebrate LGBT+ people and honor their contributions to activism for inclusion and acceptance.  CareOne celebrates with our LGBT+ employees, and we always appreciate their unique contributions to the great-quality service we provide for those under our care.

As we commemorate Pride Month, CareOne especially wants to honor the LGBT+ elders in the communities we serve.  Sadly, many have lived through tumultuous times in history that have left scars. Some may be living with trauma because they were never able to be their true selves.  And there are many who, even today, refuse to seek out services they may need in fear of experiencing discriminatory treatment. We want to end the days where LGBT+ people who are admitted to one of our centers remain in the closet because they are too afraid to come out.

At CareOne, we celebrate those who have lived through so many challenges. We give due respect to those who remember the events at NYC’s Stonewall Inn that day in June 1969 that kicked off the nationwide movement for gay rights. We stand in alliance with activists and openly LGBT+ people who are creating safe environments and making LGBT+ elders feel comfortable and included.

Introducing the CareOne Proud LGBT+ Campaign

CareOne appreciates the historical importance of Pride Month celebrations, including the progress that has been made, yet we also recognize the amount of work that still needs to be done in order to achieve full equality. We felt this month was the perfect time to launch our new “CareOne Proud” campaign, implementing a company-wide initiative focused on creating safe spaces for our LGBT+ residents, their families, partners, spouses, our employees, healthcare providers, allies, and the community at large.

We have already begun implementing changes in how we operate in order to be more open and inclusive of our LGBT+ community.  We know that meaningful change takes time, and we also know that every step towards full equality is a step in the right direction. 

We welcome your feedback on what we can do to make our organization more LGBT+-friendly.  Stay tuned for more developments – we’re excited to share our progress in bringing improved inclusion practices to our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, Assisted Living, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Pharmacy, and Hospice services.

Together, we are “CareOne Proud”!     

Recruiting & Welcoming LGBT+ Employees 

At CareOne, we believe one of our greatest strengths is our ability to recruit the best talent in healthcare, which includes employees with many different backgrounds. Each of our staff members has a unique story, and we believe having employees with diverse life experiences makes our care all the better, forming a tapestry of vibrance at each of our locations. 

We always invite qualified LGBT+ individuals to apply for our open positions. We are currently working on improvements to our recruiting and onboarding process to better accommodate the LGBT+ community’s needs, and we welcome your feedback on these changes.

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