Forever Fit

Personalized strength training for older adults.

Energy. Confidence. Vitality.

You’ll gain all of this — and more — through CareOne at the Cupola’s Forever Fit Strength Training Program. Work out just two times a week in our new $50,000 strength training center and you’ll feel the difference. You’ll be happier. You’ll have more energy to get through the day. And, most importantly, you’ll be healthier.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

  • Energy.

    Forever Fit - Energy


    The Forever Fit center is open to the community as well as our residents. In just two sessions per week with a personalized trainer, participants are seeing results—they’re building muscle strength, are less susceptible to falls, and feel more invigorated.

  • Confidence.

    Forever Fit - Confidence


    Forever Fit takes the apprehension out of strength training. Trainers work one-one-one with participants to develop a safe, 30-minute strength training routine that makes them feel comfortable. Participants can also work with a nutritionist or a massage therapist to optimize results.

  • Vitality.

    Forever Fit - Vitality


    It’s a fact that older adults who strength train twice a week have much improved life expectancy and dramatically reduce their odds of suffering from cardiac disease, depression, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and many other conditions.

"When you walk inside, people are active and engaged, morning, noon, and night. There’s a sense of energy in the air you just won’t find in any other facility."

Ian Oppel, senior VP of Rehab, CareOne at the Cupola

Explore Our Center

Our new strength training center is outfitted with nine Nautilus machines specifically customized to help older adults live longer, more active lives. Our center will help you:

  • Improve strength and flexibility, making you less vulnerable to falls
  • Increase bone density and mass
  • Lower body fat
  • Reduce resting blood pressure
  • Lower back pain
  • Reduce arthritic/joint pain
  • Release serotonin — the "feel good" hormone
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