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Culinary Experience

We believe in making your dining experiences
both healthy and enjoyable

At CareOne, we believe in making your dining experiences both healthy and enjoyable through our Signature Dining Program. This is our Culinary Promise to you. We strive to create a restaurant-like atmosphere where you’re presented with a variety of options where you can make your own choices. We use only the highest quality fruits and vegetables in the preparation of our nutritious dishes. With your health as our top priority, we are able to provide a unique culinary experience that takes dining to the next level.

At some healthcare facilities, institutional, out-of-the-can, hospital-style cookery is the norm. NOT at CareOne. At our communities, culinary professionals use scratch cooking techniques to develop chef’s specials, seasonal dishes, and fresh desserts for regular daily menus and special events. At every level, from sous chef to executive chef, our culinary professionals use farm-to-table ingredients — and their imaginations — to delight our residents and meet their dietary needs.

One of our core missions at CareOne is to promote wellness while also making our residents and patients feel at home. Our culinary professionals play a key role in achieving this goal by creating nutritional meals that provide comfort and joy. Through our partnership with Jersey Fresh, we are committed to providing the freshest and best products to help our patients recover stronger and faster.

CareOne is proud to offer an exciting new food program based on dining with the senses. Our nutritious and flavorful Perfectly Pureed meals are a virtual feast for the eyes. Our dietary variety encourages residents to eat more and enjoy meals for enhanced quality of life and nutritional well-being. We recognize although some people may require a pureed diet, the taste and visual appeal can make the dining experience much more enjoyable. We believe that eating should bring joy and satisfaction. Learn more about CareOne’s Perfectly Pureed Program. Or download our Perfectly Pureed Healthy Meals brochure.

Our Culinary Promise

  • Use of only USDA certified meats
  • Vegan and vegetarian dishes available
  • Fresh fish caught in safe waters, inspected for quality
  • Use of herbs, spices and seasoning (microgreens) to reduce use of salt
  • All potato dishes are made from scratch with use of fresh potatoes
  • Fresh soups and sauces created in-house
  • Dairy products are from RBST growth hormone-free cows
  • Use of only USDA certified meats
  • Freshly brewed beverages
  • Infused beverage station
  • Sugar-free or reduced-calorie desserts offered daily
  • Breaded meats and vegetables all completed from scratch
  • House-made protein “super” smoothies

The CareOne Difference

CareOne is a healthcare, skilled nursing facility, and assisted living community, exclusively committed to the life and health of seniors across every stage of life.

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