CareOne Makes Patient’s Wish A Reality

Oradell Health Care Center patient Marie Mastrangelo was a world-class traveler throughout her life, visiting cities and countries across the globe. After being displaced from her home during Superstorm Sandy and requiring additional care due to her loss of sight, she found a new home at Oradell Health Care Center. Marie, who recently celebrated her 85th birthday, is described by staff members as a very active woman who always participates in activities and enjoys visits from friends. “They are very good to me here,” said Marie. “I was hesitant at first because of my vision impairment, but it’s really great.”

At a recent meeting of the center’s Resident Council, developed to provide patients with an opportunity to voice their preferences for activities and outings, Director of Recreation Lindsay VandenBeukel asked patients where they would choose to go if there were no limits. Marie, who says she used to go down to the shore whenever she had the chance, mentioned that she would love to experience the beach and newly rebuilt boardwalk at Asbury Park.

Inspired by Marie’s request, Lindsay decided to do her best to make it happen. She started by bringing the idea up at a monthly meeting for CareOne’s Bergen County Directors of Recreation and was happy to learn that her colleagues were just as excited and wanted their patients to participate. After working out all of the details, including transportation and ensuring a high staff to patient ratio, the date for the trip was set for Thursday, September 22nd. “I was joking when I mentioned the idea and never expected anyone to take me up on it. I think it’s marvelous that CareOne is doing this and I am happy that other centers get to join,” shared Marie. “I can’t wait to visit the beach and the boardwalk and bring back salt water taffy for my CNA’s.” Marie also contacted a friend she hasn’t seen in 50 years, who currently resides in Asbury Park, and plans to meet up with her.

Lindsay, who was instrumental in coordinating the trip, is also looking forward. “I am thrilled to help make this happen for our patients,” she said. “The beach is my favorite place and I’m excited to help our patients experience it.” Marie is already thinking about ideas for the next outing. “My sister will celebrate her 100th birthday in California next year and I’m hoping to join the celebration,” she said.

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September 19, 2016 | Posted by CareOne | Filed in Blog, News, Press Releases