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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Help Us #SaveDan

Dan Grimes, Regional Director of Operations for Southeast Massachusetts at HealthBridge Management, is many things.  He’s a father of four, a wonderful husband, an incredible colleague, and a great friend.  Dan is also afighter who’s currently battling Stage IV Lung Cancer.  We’re showing our support by sharing our favorite Dan stories – read the three stories below to find out more about Dan and why we’re committed to helping him fight this battle.  Visit to purchase tickets to our upcoming fundraiser and to make a donation.  Help us #Save Dan today!

“During a scheduled visit to one of our centers, I met with Dan to discuss the best way to reach him if I needed his immediate attention on a pressing matter.  Being the Regional Director of Operations, Dan was inundated with emails every day that did not always need his immediate attention.  He asked me to type 911 in the email subject line or state 911 on my voicemail if I needed to speak with immediately on an urgent matter.  Dan referred to this as the ‘bat call.’  The ‘bat call’ worked beautifully and the response time was usually immediate.  For any delayed response from Dan, his opening remark was always ‘I apologize for not responding timely to your bat call.’
Dan, much like Batman, does not possess any superpowers. He makes use of his intellect, detective skills, and indomitable will in his continuous war on crime, or in our profession, non-compliance. When there was trouble in Gotham City the police commissioner used a special red phone to call Batman.  At HealthBridge my BlackBerry serves the same purpose with a 911 to Dan, who has become the Super Hero responding in my time of need.”
– Bethann Ells RN, Clinical Reimbursement Specialist, HealthBridge Management

“I’ve known Dan for several years and have many great ‘Dan Grimes stories’.  Lots of stressful times and fun times, but most of all, lots of laughs.  Although he always gives the credit of success to everyone else, he is the one that holds our facility together.

When I was laid off from my job, I called Dan.  As always, he told me not to worry.  He said, ‘I’ll take care of it’, and he did.  Thanks to Dan, I now work for HealthBridge Management.  Not only do I work for an amazing company, but it is operated by such inspiring leaders.  I have Dan to thank for letting me be part of this incredible team.”
– Ann Marie Morais RN, Clinical Service Coordinator, HealthBridge Management

“It was two years ago when Dan, another colleague Gerry, and I drove together to NJ for a meeting.  Anyone that knows Dan and his famous sense of humor will understand why I laughed through the entire trip.  We left after work and had to stop for dinner.  Dan and Gerry saw a McDonald’s and wanted to stop there.  However being a vegetarian, I knew there wouldn’t be anything other than salad for me to eat and preferred to stop at a Burger King, which serves veggie burgers.  We drove a few more miles but could not find one.  I was resigned to have a salad but Dan made Gerry drive for another 30 – 40 miles before we found a Burger King.  I knew he must have been starving but Dan was so caring that he didn’t want me to settle for just a salad.  I am grateful for his kindness and cherish that act very much.  It’s a trip I will never forget!”
– Priya Sundaram, SLP, Regional Director of Rehab, Massachusetts, Ascend Rehab

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