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Thanks To CareOne’s Disaster Relief Fund, NJ Residents Affected By Sandy Finally Return Home

Although a year and a half has passed since Superstorm Sandy struck the tri-state area, many New Jersey communities  are still struggling with  the aftermath. Approximately $1 billion in severe damage was caused by the storm to uninsured privately owned homes in the state. On October 29th, the one year anniversary of Sandy, Governor Chris Christie stated that only half of the damaged homes have been repaired. “We’re about halfway there,” Christie said. “We all have to acknowledge that there are still thousands of people out of their homes.” According to news reports, New Jersey residents experienced longer wait times than those in other states for much-needed federal aid to help them rebuild.

CareOne Management LLC, A Senior Care Company, operates multiple skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in affected areas.  While the facilities did not sustain major damage, many CareOne employees lost their homes. To assist employees with their rebuilding efforts, CareOne launched a Disaster Relief Fund and hosted a 2012 fundraiser which raised more than $1 million  for the Fund.  Under the direction of CEO Daniel Straus and EVP Elizabeth Straus, the CareOne Disaster Relief  Fund distributed grants to more than 64 employees who lost their homes, cars, furniture, clothing, and other personal property in the storm, enabling them to begin the rebuilding process immediately while their neighbors await federal aid.  “It was sobering to see  the many hardships our employees had to endure because of Superstorm Sandy, and makes even more meaningful the fact that in the immediate aftermath of the storm, those impacted still made our patients their top priority,” said Daniel Straus.

“We are almost back to normal after losing a lot of our home and most of our belongings.  I am  truly grateful for what CareOne has done to help us get back on our feet,” said Catherine Kane, Director of Recreation at CareOne’s King James facility in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. “I watch many of my neighbors still struggling with federal grants and insurance and are no where near getting back into their homes. Thank you does not seem enough for what CareOne has done.  I am so grateful and happy to be home.”

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