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My Story of CareOne at Northampton

The words care and one, taken separately are simple enough, not generally evoking deep discussion.  But CareOne, taken together in that order, requires some explanation.

  • What does CareOne mean in an abbreviated way?
  • Is care considered first followed by one?

Let me take some time to tell you what ONE means to me!

My name is Henry J. North of Hadley, MA, but I will soon to be a full-time resident of an assisted living in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I was a high school Chemistry teacher in Longmeadow, MA public school system 1959-1977.

Soon after September of 1977, I was employed by the Dun and Bradstreet Company in its commercial collections division as a representative for the next ten years.

The next major job I had, was being a company representative for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. 

My meaning of CareOne

Why mention these job facts at this time? So my job and life experiences will be taken into account, and to assess my worthiness to make an opinion that CareOne can also have significant meanings.  One of its meanings is to refer to an organization (corporation) whose primary function appears to be the loving, exquisite care of elderly and disabled individuals.  I have been a recipient of such care; late summer/early fall, 2019 and Feb/March 2021.

The women who helped me through my recovery, showed me only their smiling faces, and were certainly the backbone of CareOne!

One of the female therapists, Joy, is the only instructor I’ve seen that dances while instructing, talking, explaining.  Tres magnifique.

Beauty, that is the only word for the garden on the ground floor.  A beautiful fountain! A private walkway, magnificent!

Finally, the person who most characterizes the place,  Joe Ott.  He has many tasks, from Distributor of the fabulous Daily Chronicle, group discussion leader, etc.  Always smiling, always friendly words, instantly likeable, the good ambassador!  Excellente!


When all is said and done, what has CareOne done for me?  It gave me the opportunity to deepen the love that I have for my three children, Nick, Larry, and especially Sue, the youngest.  (I’m crying while I write this!)

I have been so lucky.

Thank you!

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