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Above all else, our goal is to provide the best possible outcomes for all of our patients. CareOne recently launched a social media campaign called #igotbetter. In each of our #igotbetter posts on Facebook and Instagram, we highlight a patient who has experienced a successful recovery at one of our CareOne skilled nursing centers. Our featured success story patients are photographed posing with a bright and colorful photo frame.

Positivity is a major contributor in health and healing and we want our patients to proudly share their rehabilitation journeys with others through this special social media campaign. Shining the spotlight on the smiling faces of those we’ve helped, not only brings joy to patients and their families, but it also rewards our caring staff for their hard work. This lighthearted and fun campaign also gives recognition to our dedicated hardworking healthcare heroes for their unsurpassed commitment to patients. The goal of each and every CareOne employee is to help patients get stronger and healthier.

Celebrating life and its victories is a big part of the recovery and rehabilitation process. The CareOne #igotbetter campaign is a frequent visual reminder that our number one priority is partnering with patients and doing everything possible to get them better.

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