How to Start the Assisted Living Conversation with Aging Parents

How to Start the Assisted Living Conversation with Aging Parents CareOne

Caring for aging parents is not an easy task. One of the most difficult tasks caregiving children face is talking to their parents about moving into continuing care retirement communities. These tips will make the discussion a little easier.

Start Early

If possible, start the conversation before the need for assisted living arises. Continuing care retirement communities offer a great deal of independence along with the security that comes from living in a tight-knit community, but many parents will need time to come to terms with the idea of this type of move. Children should let their parents know they want to honor their wishes, and the best way to do this is by planning in advance. Decisions don’t have to be made immediately, but bringing up the topic plants the seed for families to start the discussion.

Continued Independence

While it is common for parents to have some reservations about their independence levels, it is important to remind your loved one that residents of these communities enjoy continued independence during their stay. With varied apartment options, these facilities provide kitchenettes with major appliances, private laundry facilities, private bathrooms and showers, and more.

Communal Benefits

Assisted living facilities provide residents with a variety of exciting perks and services, and any discussion with an aging parent should begin with a conversation about some of the communal benefits of these facilities. These communities, designed to promote residents’ overall health and quality of life, include amenities like health spas, game rooms, beauty salons, and other areas. These facilities often tend beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces for relaxation, and they usually provide regular scheduled activities and entertainment to ensure that residents get to look forward to new events and social gatherings every week. Don’t forget to highlight that on-site dining is typically included as well, making the living conditions even more convenient for your parent.

Throughout your discussion, remind your loved one that while the transition to continuing care retirement communities may seem like a big one, residents retain all of the benefits of independent life while enjoying the added perks that come from living within a friendly and secure community. Ultimately, children should give parents time to let the idea of moving into assisted living sink in. Help your loved one keep the positive aspects of these facilities in mind, and continue to listen to their thoughts and concerns throughout the decision-making process so that they feel valued and heard.

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