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Hello Sunshine!

Don’t let dark days get you down. Here are five tips to brighten up any room, any time of year

Your living space may feel a bit like a cave on gloomy days, but there is a lot you can do to illuminate even the dimmest corners of your world. Try these clever and decorator-approved tricks for bringing a brilliant ray of sunshine to your surroundings.

Fix the Fixtures

A big, bright overhead light is a good start, but a scattering of table and desk lamps will do even more to lighten the mood. And, when it comes to floor lamps, instead of sticking one in a corner where you never sit, try adding a swing-arm lamp next to the couch or by your bed. 

As for lightbulbs, keep in mind: “True white” bulbs cast fresh, daylight tones around a room, while warm, yellow bulbs create a dimmer, more intimate atmosphere.

Smoke and Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, so let them shine! Illumination from windows and lamps will bounce from wall to wall, and also make the room look larger, which tends to brighten things up. Be sure to hang mirrors opposite windows to reflect as much natural light as possible.

Ditch the Heavy Drapes

Curtains add warmth and coziness to a room, but they can also make it appear dark and small. Treat your windows right by steering clear of velvets and brocades, and instead opt for light and breezy fabrics like cotton, linen, or sheers. 

Futz with Furniture

Furniture placement is important in any room, but it can block natural light. When arranging furniture, be sure to position pieces a few feet away from windows. 

Go Big, Go Bold

A can’t-miss way to win the battle of light vs. dark is to kick your décor up a notch. Bright, colorful artwork and throw pillows introduce vibrancy and interest to a space. Also, even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, try adding a mid-sized area rug with light-colored details as an accent.  

That said, pure white can bring a fresh, brilliant vibe to your surroundings. An all-white bed covering might do the trick—and it won’t appear cold or stark against all those dashes of color you’ve expertly incorporated.

Home Sweet Home

Probably the single best way to brighten a room is to fill it with things you love. CareOne residents are encouraged to bring in their own furniture, artwork, photos, and memorabilia. It will be professionally moved free of charge. Residents who need new furniture can receive help from the staff with the assistance of a local furniture store and professional movers.

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