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Get Moving

Look and feel younger with  these simple and sensible anti-aging exercises

It may not be possible to stop the clock, but time’s effects definitely can be slowed down a bit by eating right, sleeping well, and exercising regularly. “If you don’t move it, you lose it,” says Richard Lai, director of rehabilitation at CareOne at Livingston in Livingston, NJ. “Mobility is the key to longevity.” 

With that in mind, Lai offers three simple workout regimens that promote anti-aging. He recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, but realizes that may not always be possible. “Try to sneak in a half hour of continuous movement three to five times per week,” he says.

Total Body Movement 

While a good, strong bicep curl is not to be taken lightly, exercises that involve more than one body part or joint at the same time are the real heavy hitters. These so-called “compound exercises” produce movement throughout the body, which helps “to maintain overall function and mobility,” explains Lai.

A bicep curl that is combined with a shoulder press (hold weights by the ears, or simply make fists, and push the hands toward the ceiling) is one compound exercise Lai recommends, and a squat with a curl or press is another. 

“Even just standing and punching is a very beneficial compound exercise,” he adds. Lai also likes lunges, as several muscle groups are targeted in one, single move.

Take a Walk

Walking is an easy, low-impact way to “get the heart and lungs pumping to improve cardiopulmonary health,” Lai says. A few good air punches or bicep curls every couple of steps makes the walk that much more beneficial. 

“Mobility is the key to longevity.” 

—Richard Lai, director of rehabilitation  at CareOne at Livingston

Yoga and Stretching 

One surefire way to live longer and remain young looking is to reduce stress. “When we are stressed, our muscles tighten. Stretching and lengthening those tight muscles is a great way to reduce stress,” notes Lai. Deep breathing and meditating can  help as well. 

Lai points out that it is important to begin exercising with a slow and easy warm-up and follow your workout with  a gentle and relaxing cool-down period. And, of course, speak to a doctor before starting any new workout routine.

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