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Executive Vice President Lizzy Straus Pens Thank You Letter to CareOne Nurses

Good Afternoon:

I would like to take the opportunity during National Nurses Week to thank all of the hard working and compassionate nurses who deliver exceptional care to our Patients and Residents everyday of the year.  As one of the largest employers of nurses in the communities that we serve,  we feel CareOne has the most experienced and dedicated nursing team in the industry!

A great testament to our nursing care is our above average quality measures, survey results and clinical outcomes as measured by CMS and other regulatory agencies.  Another measure is our “Best In Class” patient satisfaction scores…and the list goes on an on.

One of the most important measure to me though is what I see and hear daily throughout our company. CareOne is known as the “Gold Standard” in clinical care.  It is not by accident that many of our own physicians and area hospital employees send their loved ones for CareOne for care.  I also know that countless CareOne employees send their own loved ones to our centers for care because of the high trust factor in the nursing care we provide to our patients – something you should all be very proud of.  Additionally, I often hear from family members in our communities, physicians, and other health care practitioners “there was no other choice for my mom or dad than CareOne.”  Thank you for setting such a high standard of quality.

On behalf of our entire management team and my family, I want you all to know that we are truly honored that as a nurse you have chosen to work for the CareOne family and that we are extremely appreciative of the love and care that you show to our patients everyday.

Thank you!
Lizzy Straus
Executive Vice President

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