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CareOne’s Perfectly Pureed Program

CareOne is proud to offer an exciting new food program based on dining with the senses. Our nutritious and flavorful Perfectly Pureed meals are a virtual feast for the eyes. Our dietary variety encourages residents to eat more and enjoy meals for enhanced quality of life and nutritional well-being.

A pureed diet consists of common foods, prepared for meals, which are blended until smooth. Medical conditions, such as dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), may require this type of diet in order to lessen the pain and difficulty associated with swallowing foods that have not been altered. CareOne recognizes that, although some people may require a pureed diet, the taste and visual appeal can make the dining experience much more enjoyable. We believe that eating should bring joy and satisfaction.

A common clinical struggle that residents with dysphagia experience is malnutrition. Instead of residents in healthcare communities having to depend on supplements to meet calorie needs, Perfectly Pureed provides our residents with:

  • Meals that are created to be attractive and provide appropriate calories
  • Meals from a variety of scratch-cookery menu items of all food groups to meet residents’ nutritional needs

We want to ensure that our residents don’t have to sacrifice flavor and taste due to medical conditions. From savory to sweet, our culinary team focuses on creating innovative great tasting dishes full of flavor and color to enhance the overall experience.

The CareOne culinary team is dedicated to providing healthy and nutritious meals using only the highest quality ingredients. The attention to detail that goes into our Perfectly Pureed program allows all of our residents to maintain control of their food choices. Our talented staff strives to provide a pleasurable dining experience that adds to the overall health and well-being of each and every resident.

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