CareOne at Wall’s New Wellness Bar!

Our Wellness & Nutrition bar is much more than visually attractive. It’s another reason why you should Trust in Our Care.

Our Wellness & Nutrition Bar is a key component of CareOne at Wall’s commitment to overall wellness by our therapy and culinary teams.

» Innovative approach to the educational, emotional, cognitive and physical components of rehabilitation and recovery

» Educates residents how to make wise nutritional choices and work with dietary limitations

» Emotionally inspires and motivates residents for preventative wellness even after rehabilitation

» Cognitively engages residents in choosing, sequencing and problem solving with healthy nutrition

» Physically challenges residents’ balance, coordination and functional endurance

» Prevents dehydration, common in seniors as a preceding factor in urinary tract infections, imbalances in potassium/sodium, falls,
altered mental status and more

» Simplifies how to remain healthy once you return to home sweet home with fun recipes

» Customizes recipes for specific dietary needs

Fuel your Healing and Health!

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