Are You Joining Us On Sunday?

We’re getting excited for the sold-out #SaveDan fundraiser at Fenway Park on Sunday! With a star studded celebrity line-up and $1 million raised to support the CareOne Cancer Fund In Honor Of Dan Grimes, Inc., it’s going to be a truly memorable day.  Thanks to all of our generous event sponsors and donors for helping us meet our fundraising goal.  Get to know Dan before Sunday and read the below stories shared by his colleagues.

“I have worked at HealthBridge for just over a year so I haven’t known Dan long, but his reputation precedes him.  He is a legend in the industry and when I finally had the opportunity to work with Dan, I was excited.  One of my favorite things about Dan is his ‘Rainman’ quality.  He can calculate numbers in seconds like no one I have ever seen!  His sense of humor, as many others have commented on, is stellar.  This past Christmas, the company was involved in fundraising for The Valerie Fund, which provides programs for children living with cancer and blood disorders.  I was privileged to spend the day in the car with Dan and a few of our other colleagues.  We left at the crack of dawn from Massachusetts and drove to NJ during the morning commute.  At lunch time we arrived at the CareOne center where we would prepare for the toy delivery to one of the Valerie Fund Centers.  We couldn’t just deliver the toys in our business attire, so we donned special seasonal outfits for the event.  Sharon, our Vice President of Operations, and I dressed as elves, Jerry, one of our Regional Directors of Operations,  as a Reindeer and Dan as Frosty the Snowman!  All day he kept on saying ‘Happy Birthday!’ just like the real Frosty!!!  Dan and Jerry were both sweltering in their outfits, yet they provided so many children with smiles and toys!  Dan provided laughs, inspiration and joy that day, like he does often, to all those who are privileged to know him.”

–  Patty Pruden-Lennox, VP of Sales and Marketing, HealthBridge Management

“Dan Grimes is my brother-in-law and he’s one of the best guys you could ever want to know. Dan was not yet married to my sister-in-law at the time my husband and I got married, but he caught the garter at our wedding and it was so much fun watching him put the garter on the girl that caught the bouquet.   This is when we knew Dan was going to be a lot of fun to be around!  Dan has always been one of the first ones to step up to help anyone in need, and he never expects anything back in return. He is a hard-working, trustworthy, fun-loving, dedicated guy, both professionally and personally.  When my husband and I were both laid off from our jobs after 20 years of dedication to the company we both worked for, Dan was the first person to step in and help.  We are so grateful to Dan for all of his support. He helped us with mock interviews and networking, which lead to both of us gaining employment at HealthBridge. We love Dan very much and would do anything for him.  Dan is a strong person, he is a fighter, and he will beat this! HealthBridge has been amazing in their support and love for Dan during this extremely tough time, and we truly appreciate everything that has been done, and is still being done for him.”

–  Karen Preston, Receptionist, Cedar Hill Health Care Center

“My most memorable Dan Grimes story happened when I interviewed for my position at HealthBridge. I was scheduled to meet Dan at a local restaurant and because I had never met him, I asked one of my friends, Suzanne, who worked for HealthBridge to describe him to me so I would recognize him. Suzanne, who is famous for her practical jokes, told me that it would be easy to spot Dan. She described him as ‘short, fat, old, and bald’, even though that is exactly the opposite of what Dan looks like.  When he walked into the restaurant, of course I did not know who he was based on THAT description! We both wandered around a bit before I went up to him and said, ‘Dan?’  When he said, ‘yes’, I laughed and explained to him that Suzanne had, once again, gotten me on a practical joke. Dan is a great guy – sending all my best wishes to him!”

–  James R. Beeler, MHSA, NHA, Administrator , Lowell Health Care Center

“Last summer, after an Administrators meeting, we had our annual HealthBridge Volley Ball Tournament. For those of you that don’t know, Dan was a ‘little’ upset about being sidelined the year before because of a previous surgery and had to watch his team lose. Dan’s nature is to always win; he doesn’t believe in losing and encourages his teammates to always give 100%.  So as you can guess, Dan was a little more than amped up to play and make up for the previous year, not caring what or how he had to do it. The teams were well matched and everyone gave 110%. Both teams left nothing in the locker room and it came down to a tie breaker match. As you may guess, at this point Dan had turned into a one man wrecking crew, throwing people out of the way to get to the ball. For him, losing is never an option. His team ended up suffering a devastating loss. Nobody on the losing team took it well and I think that only speaks to our intense competitive nature, but in this area, no one can outdo Dan.  Shortly after the game as we were all shaking hands, we turned to see Dan walking off the field and drive off.  He hates to lose and we love that about him.  The moral of the story:  Dan goes big AND he goes home.”

– Nathan Norton, Administrator, Peabody Glen Health Care Center

“As a fellow Regional Director of Operations, you can count on Dan to relieve tension and lighten the mood.  He is always the designated driver on company outings and when we give him a hard time about driving and being able to follow directions, he is usually a good sport. Now if Dan could learn to stay in his lane during bowling the universe would be a safer place.”

– Steve Feigenbaum, Regional Director of Operations, HealthBridge Management

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