Our Founder

Daniel E. Straus has built a reputation as one of the most successful health care and real estate developers in the Northeast.  Mr. Straus rose to prominence in the 1980’s and 1990’s as the successful President and CEO of The Multicare Companies, a NYSE traded corporation that grew from three health care properties, to a healthcare empire that spanned to several states in the U.S. with over 170 locations.  The company was notably sold to a large health care operator in a highly publicized healthcare real estate transaction in the late 1990’s.

Through CareOne, which Mr. Straus formed in the late 90’s, he has developed, operated and managed more inpatient health care properties in the New York metropolitan area than any other operator.  With his visionary approach to redefining healthcare, his company has become the market share leader for senior living and inpatient rehabilitation in the Northeast.  Over 100,000 older adults have been cared for throughout the CareOne family of senior living and rehabilitation centers.  Mr. Straus and his company have developed over $1 Billion in real estate properties and transactions in the past 15 years.  His portfolio of senior living properties is regarded in the industry as the standard for design and programming and has garnered national attention and awards for architectural and design elements.

Mr. Straus operates one of the largest institutional pharmacy businesses in this country, serving the needs of over 60,000 patients throughout nine states. In addition, he has founded and built InnovaCare Health, one of the largest Medicare Advantage health plans in the United States and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board and controlling shareholder. Mr. Straus also operated Aveta Health, the dominant physician practice company in Southern California, which was sold to United Healthcare in 2012.

Mr. Straus has also been as dedicated and committed to Philanthropy as he has been to his  business,  supporting several charitable causes through his own foundation and through charitable foundations he has created in his businesses.  Through his Philanthropy over the years, he has been involved with many charitable endeavors benefitting many organizations in New York City and the metropolitan area.

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