The positive progress our son has made from his complex medical issues is a direct result of the care and love he receives at CareOne at Morris.

Recently, my husband and I were confronted with making a painful decision. We had to choose a sub-acute facility for our son with special needs so he could continue recovering from his complicated medical conditions. We were filled with trepidation and anxiety as to what type of care to expect in a sub-acute facility that specializes in senior care. Upon entering the doors of CareOne at Morris, we found it to be a comforting and inviting environment. Making our way down the corridor, all of the staff, from the receptionist to the maintenance personnel, greeted us with welcoming smiles.

As parents of a developmentally disabled child, we have always strived to provide Steven with the best quality of care possible. We were pleasantly surprised that CareOne at Morris shared our vision – to deliver superior medical care along with all the necessary support services required to heal the patient in a compassionate, caring environment.

The first person to come into our son’s room was Miles, the Head Chef. He welcomed Steven with great enthusiasm and told him that whatever food choices he wanted would be prepared for him. This was not just a casual statement – we could tell that it was genuine. Then Miles turned to my husband and me and said, “speaking of food, may I offer the two of you some lunch?” Initially we declined, but he insisted and within a short time brought out sandwich platters and beverages for us.  All of the CareOne at Morris staff is focused not only on treating the patient, but on providing comfort and encouragement to their family members.

We quickly realized that CareOne at Morris uses a unified team approach in providing care for patients. Steven had stopped eating as a result of his severe medical problems. The entire staff, including Miles, focused on doing their part in getting Steven to eat again and have a complete recovery from his illness.

Next we met Steven’s nurse, Janine. In the first moments of our getting to know each other, Janine assured us that Steven was going to recover and that she was going to provide the best nursing care she could.  She said she was an experienced wound care nurse and had healed many wounds, some even worse than Steven’s. She gave us such a feeling of reassurance and encouragement that we were able to relax knowing our son was going to receive excellent nursing care.

I cannot underestimate the importance of the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs).  It is their responsibility to assist our son with his daily care needs and dressing. The CareOne at Morris CNAs are always cheerful, even when our son is ornery – they win him over with a joke or a song and dance routine. They are always willing to make Steven as comfortable as possible no matter how many times a day he requires their care.

I also want to compliment the PT and OT staff who work with Steven. Steven came to bond with them and even cooperated with their treatment plans. The flirtatious guy that he is, he now regards them as his “special girlfriends”.

As concerned parents as well as Steven’s advocates, it is critically important for us to be informed on a regular basis about his medical progress. We always find it easy to communicate with all of the staff members and if problems arise, we know that working together we will arrive at a solution.

It does take a village to care for our special needs son, and in our opinion, CareOne at Morris is a wonderful village. But for this village to run efficiently, you need a competent leader. Top down management yields the best results. We have the utmost respect and admiration for the center’s Administrator, Margaret. She is competent and compelling in her management of the staff and in overseeing the diverse operations, but she also shows compassion in her mission to serve the needs of the patients.

The above photo clearly illustrates why we brag to our friends and relatives about Margaret and the entire CareOne at Morris staff, because of the invaluable contribution they have made to Steven’s recovery.

Six weeks ago when Steven came to CareOne at Morris, he was on total bed rest and refused to eat. This is a current picture of him getting ready to board the CareOne at Morris van for a trip to Olive Garden for lunch. In this photo, he radiates good health. The positive progress that he has made to date from his complex medical issues is a direct result of the care and love he receives at CareOne at Morris.

In the photo, originally, I was standing behind the wheelchair waiting to put Steven on the van to depart for the trip. However, Steven started to get nervous about getting on the van. Margaret quickly sized up the situation and said she would take over. Margaret wanted to ease my burden and also make the moment perfect for Steven. She is not only an excellent administrator, but she exemplifies a caring sensitivity to the patients.

I think I have illustrated what makes CareOne at Morris a leader in its field and why it has earned our recommendation as a superior sub-acute facility not only for senior care, but for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Many thanks.


— Ellen and Sam Weinstock