The CareOne At East Brunswick Rehab Team Helped Me Get Back To Normal After A Stroke

CareOne at East Brunswick patient returns to normal life after a stroke, thanks to the CareOne at East Brunswick rehab therapy team.

I was admitted to Careone at East Brunswick after a stroke and fall at home. After the stroke, I was unable to use the left side of my body in a normal manner. I had difficulty with balance, was unable to walk, was unable to dress and bathe myself and was unable to swallow normal food and water.

Before I had the stroke, I lived alone. I was able to do everything by myself and was able to walk independently with a cane.

The rehab team at CareOne at East Brunswick got me back on my feet. The physical therapists and occupational therapists helped me get my strength and balance back. They taught me how to dress and bathe myself with safety.  They made sure I was safe walking with my walker when I went home. The speech therapists taught me swallowing exercises with their special equipment. I am now able to drink regular liquids and eat regular food. I feel normal again!

Everyone at CareOne at East Brunswick has taken good care of me. I am amazed at the progress I have made and I am thankful for the care I have received here. I would highly recommend this facility to my family and friends.

— Yosef Grinshpun