Ms. Montgomery

When I saw the place I am interested because you may never think it’s a rehab center you would think it’s a hotel, the lobby and dining room are so gorgeous. On my first night I experienced the goodness of the nurses, especially Germaine.

I used a wheelchair in the beginning because I was so weak. When I first did therapy I couldn’t even lift a 1lb weight, but due to their patience everyday, I continue to get stronger and stronger. Special thanks to Francis and Jennifer for always being patient and understanding with me, especially on my first week. I thank them for their kindness and for making sure I do what I need to do to get stronger. While in the rehab room, I can see all therapists doing their job well, there is always a smile on their face and I know they are enjoying their job.

Thanks to all the nurses who took good care of me: Germaine, Venus, Kim, Mike and Catherine and Elaine. To the kitchen staff, thank you Ricky and Roxanne. Thank you to Mhery the CNA. I appreciate you guys, may you continue your kindness, love, concern and care to your residents

— Ms. Montgomery