Joseph Cagna

Joe suffered from a stroke about a year ago and as a result his activity and health had started to decline. When Joe’s son had learned about the Forever Fit program at the Cupola, he without hesitation signed him up to improve his independence. He told Joe “You have an appointment in the gym at 2pm tomorrow afternoon.” Joe, not knowing what he was getting involved in, was pleasantly surprised with the vision of the program to enhance strength which would help improve his independence. He has now established himself as one of Forever Fit’s top performers.

After completing 5 weeks on the Forever Fit program, Joe noticed that his stamina had increased along with improved sleeping patterns. This allows him to attend more activities throughout the day without feeling the need to nap. Overall, Joe’s goal is to remain active during the day in order to enhance his awareness and better his sleep without heavily relying on medications. Joe’s enhanced stamina along with increases in his strength have also translated into better performance of his ADLs “such as dressing, standing…, [and oral hygiene].” They all have been done a lot faster since joining Forever Fit with Chelsea and Nick,” Joe stated. During his time on program, he has demonstrated improvement in his major functional exercises as his sit-to stand for reps requiring assistance now requires no assistance, increased his chest press and seated row by 143%, and leg press by 138%.

Not only has Forever Fit had a positive impact on Joe’s physical function, he has also noticed that his mood has enhanced too. He states, “Exercise releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. And I can say I have definitely been a lot happier!” Joe continues to work hard with his trainers at Forever Fit and is happy to be part of a family that pushes him to better himself.

— Joseph Cagna