I owe my recovery to CareOne at Teaneck.

I wanted to write you so that you can read, first-hand, from someone who owes his recovery to you and your superlative staff.

When I transferred to CareOne at Teaneck, I could not have imagined progressing to where I am today. After an entire summer of life-saving surgeries, I had lost the ability to walk. I required expert wound care, medical supervision, dietary counseling and aggressive physical therapy, if I were ever going to return to a meaningful existence. After over 20 years in medical practice, the thought of being a patient, much less a debilitated in-patient, was terrible for me.

I write this from my beautiful new office, on my first week back to work. Like many at CareOne, I have dedicated my entire life to treating my patients, and thanks in very large part to the phenomenal people at CareOne, my reason for being has been restored. I am back where I belong – seeing patients, helping those in need and running my business.

There are many CareOne at Teaneck staff members to thank for this most precious gift of restored health, vitality and productivity, too many to mention by name. The admissions department made my transfer seamless. The nurses and aides, (all shifts), were keenly attentive to my needs and rendered the most expert and compassionate care I have ever experienced.

The dietary department accommodated me, even on days when I was feeling less than pleasant.

Under the expert and motivated care of your physical therapy department, I went from something unrecognizable to myself, to the man writing you this very instant. A man who has regained his reason for being, and now views life through a much more humanistic lens. I have all of you to thank for this.

I would also urge any patients to take this letter to heart as proof, that they too can and will make great strides in their own lives under the care of the amazing people at CareOne at Teaneck.

I will return to visit once I’ve regained my full strength. And I pray that you all know how very, very grateful I am to ALL of you.

— Dr. John D. Petkanas