I am grateful to be at CareOne at Teaneck!

For the past five years, I have been suffering from poor balance and dizziness. Recently, it became increasingly difficult for me to pursue my normal activities. My doctor recommended CareOne at Teaneck. I didn’t know what to expect, but from the very beginning, I was grateful to be here. I have both physical and occupational therapy every day to help me overcome my challenges. It’s hard work, but the therapists here make it fun.

Food has always been important to me and the meals at CareOne at Teaneck are exceptionally good. Games, movies, musical evenings and other forms of entertainment are available to fill the time not spent in therapy or in the dining room. While these activities are not mandatory, they are enjoyable and provide an opportunity to socialize with members of the staff and other patients.

The staff at all levels – therapists, nurses, nurses aides, those in charge of social activities, social workers, the dining room personnel, everyone I have had dealings with in my short stay here, are, without exception, agreeable and helpful.

The time I have been here has been like a mini-vacation, but vacation with a practical purpose. I am confident that my CareOne at Teaneck experience will be of great benefit to my health and well-being and to my life in general.

— Ann Ansell