CareOne at East Brunswick is a warm environment with quality care.

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to the Care One at East Brunswick staff. Due to my father’s chronic health conditions, he has been a patient at Care One at East Brunswick several times over the past three years. Each time he has been admitted our family has been met with kindness, understanding and patience.

The rehabilitation department is top-notch and consists of dedicated professionals who truly care about their patients. With their skills and reassurance, my father regained the strength to walk and complete independent activities. The nurses and aides have shown him respect and compassion, even at times when he was not the most amicable patient. All of the staff have made him feel like a part of the CareOne family and take the time to listen to his stories or share a laugh with him. This has created a home-like environment, which makes him feel safe and comfortable during his time away from his family. The social services team has gone above and beyond to assist our family in obtaining necessary services to ensure that my father could continue to live safely once he returned home.

Recently, my family was in a crisis where both my parents required skilled nursing and rehabilitation services simultaneously. Without hesitation, we chose Care One at East Brunswick because we knew we could depend on them to provide a warm, caring environment where they would receive quality care and physical therapy. Once again, we were very pleased and thankful for having Care One at East Brunswick to meet our families needs.


— Margie Charleston and the Reiner Family